Doreen Virtue – The Veil Is So Thin That It’s Essentially Gone – 25October2012

 Doreen Virtue

Found at Shift Frequency

Today’s date is 10-25 (or 25-10), which in Angel Numbers means, “Have faith that the changes you’re making, or are guided to make, are healthful and positive.”

The world is different than we’ve ever experienced. The veil is so thin that it’s essentially gone, and we can see the truth clear-eyed: We’re now aware of the “man behind the curtain” in terms of the low-frequency money-changers who only care about acquiring more money and power and who seem hell-bound to drive us all into a wasteland of chemicals, sterile plant seeds, limited human rights, and an authoritarian one-world government and currency.

And we’re also more aware than ever of our Source energy, the divine love and light, and – in spiritual truth – the only power that actually exists in any dimension. We’re aware of these other dimensions, which are inhabited by benevolent non-humans who care about us and our planet.

I definitely believe it’s important for lightworkers to be aware of the happenings of each dimension, including the earth plane. Sticking our heads in the sands and reciting positive affirmations and prayers isn’t enough. We are spiritual activists, with an emphasis on the word “active.” This is the time that we all signed up for!

What action steps to take? Your Higher Self knows. For example, take a deep breath and say, “Higher Self, what actions do you guide me to make right now?” Breathe, and notice your first thoughts and feelings in response to this question. It’s impossible to get nothing, because you’re always thinking and feeling. What IS possible is your reluctance to acknowledge your thoughts and feelings OR your distrust of them.

The nefarious money-changers have artificially created this recession so that we’d be focused upon meeting our daily needs while they take away our rights and poison our crops with GMO and toxins. PLEASE don’t let yourself get distracted from your mission. There is a lot of abundance available to anyone who is willing to work a lot of hours on a personally meaningful service or product.

And all the fear-based talk about 2012, coupled with news accounts of unimaginable cruelty to people and animals, plus frightening videos about the coming times can drive a sensitive person under their bed covers, or a bottle of alcohol, wanting to block out awareness.

Fortunately, we have lots of spiritual help to keep us focused upon our intended mission! I’ve been sharing recently about my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I feel that we need him more than ever now. Any painful experiences you had with religions needs to be set aside as you focus upon this very real and powerful being who expresses only love, forgiveness, strength, and compassion for us all.

Jesus is my role model for staying focused upon his mission when all hell was breaking loose around him. When his very life was threatened, he remained peaceful, gracious, and kind. His last words spoke of compassion for his killers.

We can all call upon Jesus to lift our hearts and minds, no matter what’s going on around us:

“Dear Jesus, we call upon you now. We need your wisdom, protection, guidance, and healing for our world. Please intervene into the hearts of world leaders and the money changers, and set them on a higher course. Please bring about fairness and balance to the world’s resources, insuring there is plenty for all. Please clearly guide each of us so that we can help, and also be able to take care of our earthly needs. Please give us courage, strength, integrity, and the gift of truth. Stay with us all, Jesus. Amen.”


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