The Oracle Report – 20November2012

Oracle Report

First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Aquarius/Pisces

We have two more days of the Sun in Scorpio – today and tomorrow.  Venus is going to enter Scorpio, but the energy will not be as heavy as it has been with the Sun in Scorpio.  So we need to hang in there for a couple more days.  Today’s energy takes this month’s’ vision quest to a waterfall.  It’s a cascade of emotions, but it is also a deluge from spirit.  The thing to do with this is not try to cross things today.  In other words, stay in place and just watch (surrender).  When we stop or disengage from obstacles today, it will shift our perspective.  We will start to see the beauty of what surrounds us (the landscape around the waterfall, i.e. our blessings) instead of trying to trudge ahead.  Stopping in our tracks and maintaining an inner stance of stillness will enhance the journey of the vision quest.  Tomorrow the waterfall will not be rushing down and we will be able to move with more ease.  But forcing things or trying to contain them (especially emotions) will not work well.  It’s just too much to attempt under these influences.  Wise old owls (or geese in this month’s metaphor of geese flying in V-formation) will hang back.


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