Visionkeeper – The Truth Has No Place To Hide – 20November2012

One World Rising

Much like a forest in winter stripped bare of soft green foliage offers no place to hide behind, this time of being on the planet offers no place for the truth of what is going on to be hidden any longer. It is out there for all to see in its uncomfortable ugliness. The dark ones no longer try to hide what they are doing, they don’t care, they actually enjoy rubbing the world’s nose in it I believe. In some ways I see this as a good sign. If they truly thought they could still get away with what they are doing they would be making every effort to hide it, instead they seem to be trying to overwhelm our senses with their brutality upon Gaia and mankind. We will not overwhelm, we are like the trees standing bare in the forest offering no place for them to hide where we cannot help but see what they are up to! It is all being laid bare, one small piece at a time, as slowly we begin to awaken and begin to put the puzzle together.

I have to reiterate once again that we must not be sucked in by the drama. What is going on over in Gaza is beyond comprehension. I had hoped we had gotten beyond the brutal act of war but we have not. The death of innocent people has become unbearable and grotesque to most people and pains the heart deeply. But as I always say there is always good buried within the bad. It is always atrocities that slam us upside the head the strongest and we seem to awaken a little more each time. It is too bad we need such depravity and torture to awaken us. It is not only about the horrors of what Israel has done and continues to do in its quest to rule the world, it is even more shocking what we haven’t done in response! It is openly baring to us all the deeper truths of what is really going on in the world. Sides have been taken and lines drawn in the sand, each warped faction of Government around the world stepping over their people in their mad dash for power and ultimate control.

We as the trees are watching and taking notes. We see what is behind their every move. It is unthinkable and retched and sooner or later we must all come to a point where we say enough, we will take no more! You will no longer hold rule over us, we demand our freedom and your plan for a one world Government be damned. As the light grows stronger in the world their mind control seems to diminish and more and more people are catching on to what is being done around the world in their name. We are waiting for that lone hundredth monkey to swing over and tip the scale of justice. The waiting is excruciating. The only way to deal with the insanity is to not be sucked in by the drama. Ask yourself in all reality, what can I really do to change things in Gaza? Not very much I am afraid short of sending prayers and love to the people and that is my point!

News is a great propaganda tool for the dark ones to fill our heads with all sorts of lies intended to make us see things only one way, their way. But that said, the news is also designed to wear us down with information overload, worrying and freaking out about stuff we can do nothing about. We are spread so thin now all around the world it has weakened our ability to concentrate on ourselves and how we can make ourselves better. We spend so much time worrying about what is going on all around the world we overlook the things that need tending right here at home! We need to reel ourselves in and pay attention to what is happening here at home as our rights are stripped away and new laws are created to box us in further. In order to wake up we need to pay close attention to our lives.

The only way for people to help Gaza is for the Israeli people to stand up and say no more war in our name! The same goes for America as well. Until we all stand up and say no more corruption and stealing and lies and murder, it will all continue because the dark ones are getting no push back from the people. Do not comply any longer! Demand the truth. Stop being held captive by their mind control on TV. As many of you know I did not vote this election and I can honestly tell you I felt liberated! I had no need to vote to keep somebody out or somebody in, I didn’t vote because nobody running for President was  of the light in my opinion. I was finally free of the entrapment of having to vote and it was wonderful! Each time we free ourselves a little more we grow a little more. Stand up for what you feel and what you believe. It is your life, make it count!

Blessings to us all,



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