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Joe Noonan

Dec 21, 2012 is a most amazing opportunity, a day that has captured the attention of cultures from around the world. UFOlogists predict a mass landing, Mayans speak of days of darkness, skeptics predict the tumultuous end of the world and I’m looking forward to a great big PARTY.

From the perspective of God/Source/All That Is, every moment is totally divine; there is no more God or Love or Joy in this moment than in any other moment. Yet from our human perspective, the part of us that believes we’re separate from the Divine, this coming December 21st is a super significant day.

On this day, literally billions of us will be in a state of anticipation. What we anticipate depends entirely on our fears, hopes and beliefs. For those of us blessed enough to know that we co-create our own reality, this December 21st is an invitation to celebrate.

As quantum physics reminds us; we live in a world of light particles that flash in and out of form in response to our expectations. If you’re a pessimist, you have oodles of evidence to support your pessimistic view. And if you’re an optimist, you too have plenty of evidence to support your optimistic view.

What are you giving attention to?

The concept that “we create our own reality” has gone from a far flung idea to acceptable reality. What you focus on come into fruition. So, what do you wish to create for our collective Humanity for the new world we’re entering?

End of the World?

I was speaking to a trip organizer from Shanghai, China the other day. I asked her what December 21st means to the Chinese. She replied, “Oh, you mean the doomsday?” I see advertisements for December 21st with an image of a comet slamming into the earth. I hear prophesies and predictions that astound me, make me smile and chuckle at our creativity.

Power of Love

Any time you get a group of people aligned in common thought, their ability to create amplifies. And for a moment a part of me got worried of over a billion people thinking “doomsday.” And then I remember the power of love, and how one loving thought vibrates at a frequency thousands of times higher than a fearful one. One person holding a focus of love is more powerful than thousands in fear. This is good news, cause for celebration.

What You Can Do

There are many simple, fun and significant things you can do to join the millions of us who will be radiating loving thoughts on this day.

  • You can play some fun, upbeat music!
  • Hum, sing and dance!
  • Make some food you love, and eat it with gusto.
  • Give something to someone, water a tree, enjoy a flower.
  • Call a friend and tell them what you appreciate about them.
  • Count your blessings, make a list of 100+ things you love
  • Wash your car, clean your room, make a cup of your favorite tea, put up your feet and smile!

Yes, there’s an infinite number of things you can do on December 21st. You can do the same thing you do every other day, just be sure to put your loving energy into it with the intent that your love joins with the rest of us.

Wherever You Are

There are many cool places to gather on December 21st, and if you can, why not join a pod of kindred souls? Its fun to be with a group of people who share the same loving intent as you. You can also tune in from the comfort of your bed, your bathtub, from under a tree, outside in nature. Remember that wherever you are is absolutely perfect.

Keep It Simple!

It’s easy to get caught up in the significance of events, and in doing so, to feel harried or stressed about “getting it right.” Just take a big breath and let the significance go. Be light about it, levity is next to Godliness!

Your Unique Contribution

In all creation, there is only one of you; you bring something totally unique to our world. Your innate love of life, your joys and your passion carries a vibration, a color and frequency that no one else can replace. On this day, (and every day), let your love flow and your light shine.

Have Fun!

December 21st is a fun opportunity to vibrate your personal love of life. What you do or where you are is secondary to the love that you put into it. Have fun! Let it rip! Smile and laugh out loud!

Join us!

Wherever you are on December 21st, imagine your love joining with ours and the millions just like us! Imagine our collective love and joy encircling our planet with such light and goodwill that everybody everywhere feels the warmth and love of our collective humanity. Have a blast, it’s a party. I’ll see you there!

Blessings & joy, Joe

Joe Noonan is one of our JOTS facilitators. A guest on Fox, National Geographic TV and Oprah, Joe is an internationally recognized speaker who leads trips swimming with wild dolphins and celebrating the joy of nature. He invites you to join him energetically or in person this December 21st in beautiful Bimini, the Bahamas for his “Awakening Your Joy Wild Dolphin Retreat.”


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