John Smallman – Jesus – Remember, In Reality There Is Only Joy – 21Novmeber2012

Jesus Through John

Here in the spiritual realms we are all enthralled and amazed at the cracking pace you have set yourselves for this final part of your homeward journey.  You are sweeping forward invincibly, letting go of all the old and outdated emotional baggage that has weighed on you so heavily.  The power of the divine Love field continues to intensify because you are engaging with it so enthusiastically, especially when you take part in global meditation events.

You know that they are powerful because of the collective group intent that is set – no matter that the wording of the intent varies with different cultures and languages – which brings you all together to mesh and integrate with the divine energy field.  However, you really do not know the half of it!  If you could see the glorious and stunningly beautiful colors that the field displays around you, your hearts would sing!  Especially, of course, because you know that you are all co-creators of it and with it.

And of course the moment for you to burst into song, as you take your reserved places in the heavenly choirs with which you feel most in harmony, will soon be upon you.  The power and intensity of that moment will dissolve any remaining traces of fears or doubts to which any of you might still be clinging.  You will be like small children arriving at a party: some of you will rush in enthusiastically, while others will hang back a little, feeling shy or slightly overwhelmed by the wonder of this new state.  But your guides will be there to hold the hands of the shy ones, and to lead you all forwards so that you can confidently take the divinely assigned places that await you in the heavenly choir of your choice.

And, if some of you imagine that you cannot sing, or that music is not among your creative abilities and talents, then be prepared for an enormous and wholly inspiring surprise as you find your voices and become one with the beautiful angelic harmonies your choir is expressing so magnificently.  Remember, in Reality there is only joy and all the limitless ways in which it can be expressed.

Many of you from Christian cultures were perhaps given a “rather” misleading image of heaven, as a place in the clouds where the angels sat playing their harps, and where you would go to join them after death, if you had been good; and your Christian story books had many pictures of scenes of that nature.  Most of you wondered where the fun could be in that, and then maybe you buckled down your imaginations – where you had access to spirit and to your guides and angels – securely anchoring them in the 3D world, and you obediently bought into the unreal fables that were being fed to you.

Then you grew up. . . . You either threw the whole idea of God, spirit, heaven, and an after-life out with the trash, or took it with enormous quantities of salt and paid your dues by attending church occasionally (Christmas, Easter, weddings, and funerals), and became immersed in the thing that really mattered: the human struggle for survival in a dangerously hostile world.  Those of you from other religious cultures, or none, will have been told your own culture’s fables, and will have likewise moved on when you reached adulthood.

Most of you reading or listening to this have come full circle, in that you now know and accept that your spiritual evolution is the purpose of your life on Earth. You have spent time and energy seeking out this realization, this awareness, and you are now very comfortable with your new, mature sense of life’s spiritual meaning.  So now what are you to do about it?

Again most of you have found a path that fits your intuitive sense of purpose, and it keeps on evolving as you allow yourselves to become ever more aware of your spiritual heritage through prayer, contemplation, and meditation.  And this is the path to your awakening, because you are realizing or have already discovered that God is Love.  You know that this is true because the inextinguishable flame of that Love burns always within you.  It is not always accessible; you need to be quiet, with your mind quietened or at least not unduly disturbing you with worrisome or anxious thoughts.  Nevertheless, you know that you are a spirit having a human life experience for the lessons that you needed and chose to learn, and furthermore that you will arrive at your heavenly destination precisely as planned.

Knowing this gives you the strength and confidence to stick to your spiritual path – as you grow in compassion and acceptance – and deal with the issues and problems that a human existence and ongoing human relationships constantly provide.  The point is that you do know all this, but the distractions of the illusion keep snaring you and dragging you down into the conflicts and disagreements with which you seem to be surrounded.

Peace can be found by reminding yourselves that this environment and the issues with which you are constantly dealing are illusory – they cannot harm or damage you or anyone else permanently – and that you are on the way to awakening from this ongoing nightmare of pain and suffering.  It is not your natural state, it is in the process of dissolution, and your natural state of full consciousness into which you are to return is eternal, and will bring you everlasting happiness.  You know it, you believe it, so bring it constantly into your awareness on this last stage of your homeward journey.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


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