The Oracle Report – 21November2012

Oracle Report

First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Pisces

The Sun will move out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius at 4:50 pm EST/ 9:50 pm UTC, but its exit is accompanied by solar “fireworks” – two M-class flares and coronal mass ejections en route (to arrive on Friday).  There is strong potential for more solar flares today.  But the fireworks are better understood as “wisdom eruptions” that are being ignited and sent to us from Spirit.  The purpose of this is to aid/assist/answer/disseminate whatever you set as your intention (activated with the Activation Point) at the New Moon – our “vision quest” this month.  This is going to continue through Sunday.  Let’s get a refresher on what’s happening this month (from November 13th’s post – the New Moon in Scorpio/Total Solar Eclipse/Activation Point):

“We are called to the month where we will shift formation – shift form. The New Moon opens the segment of time in Sophia’s grand vision where we activate the spiritual quest. This quest is two-fold: we will be activating a new level of ourselves (one that is more expressive of our full talents, capabilities, and uniqueness as well as moving into a higher level of spiritual awareness) and we will be activating counterbalances to forces that stand opposed to the fulfillment of Sophia’s vision, intending harm to humanity. Regarding the latter, we will do this by progressively amping up our light through the available energies, not by engaging these forces directly. We have no interest or business in that because Sophia is taking care of this. We do have the responsibility to help our brothers and sisters and we do this by radiating a field of high spiritual awareness and acting accordingly with love and kindness in our daily lives.”

The Sun shifting formation into Sagittarius will produce a major change in the energy.  It will lighten considerably.  We all welcome this!  With it, our personal energetic fields (frequency) will also shift.  A higher level/version of ourselves is being activated.  We are aligning more closely with who we really are and what our true power is.  In yesterday’s image of the waterfall that we came to, today Gaia/Sophia and the Sun have hopped into a canoe with us to cross the stream.  They are delivering what we need/seek on our vision quest so pay close attention to signs and synchronicities.  As I stated earlier, this is going to continue through Sunday.


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