The Oracle Report – 22November2012

Oracle Report

First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Pisces/Aries

NOAA reports the Sun is poised to eject M and possibly X-class flares today.  These would be Earth-directed if released. So the “wisdom eruptions” that I mentioned yesterday continue, and in the process deliver what we need on this month’s spiritual vision quest.  This also relates to what I discussed at the New Moon/Activation Point about available energies that would amp up our personal energetic fields.  X-flares are rare and always produce “x-treme” reverberations.  They blast us with light, which greatly enhances the radiant code of anyone who is grounded and connected with the planet.  Anyone who is not grounded and connected with the planet (meaning their awareness is plugged into the illusory and non-organic world of the “matrix” and subsequently in opposition to their own nature, i.e. insane) loses it.  This, in combination with the beginning of astrolgical aspects that are coalescing for Tuesday, will bring some really dramatic reactions in people.  Not pretty.  The worst of the lunacy of Black Friday (which now starts a day ahead with the Archontic pushing of cultural materialism) has strong potential to be the ugliest ever.  Go outside if the elements or people you are around are just too far out of alignment with you and damaging your inner calm.

Today, insight is gained from things that happened in the past.  Remember that we are paying close attention to signs and synchronicities, and are always attentive to the animal kingdom.  If you don’t own a copy of Ted Andrews’ book Animal Speak, it is probably the most important book on Earth and a must-have for anyone engaged in the spiritual quest with Sophia.  The book details all the shamanic wisdom for pretty much every animal, bird, and insect.  When you spot or have an encounter with one of these creatures, you can look it up in the book and gain immediate understanding of the personal significance.  It also teaches us about our animal totems.  And this month we are picking up a lot of animal helpers on our vison quest.

A few notes:  First, bear with me until Mercury stations direct Sunday night.  I am having the toughest time communicating what is happening this month and it is extremely frustrating.  What’s happening this month is really incredible and I haven’t been able to do it justice.  I know the idea of the spiritual vision quest has been nebulous.  (I have Neptune on my Sun and the Sun has been on my Neptune – astrologers will get it.)  With any luck, Monday I will break out and be able to get it down.  Second, I’d like to give a special nod to wise owls/readers in Australia and New Zealand (and anyone else reading in the southern hemisphere).  Thanks for excusing the northern-hemisphere focus of the daily photographs.  Since I am steeped in Sophia and her expression as autumn where I am located, it is my focus.  But you all are not forgotten and I will try to change up the pictures to represent it.  Third, please join me in thanking Andrew, who started and maintains the Oracle Report community on Facebook – which has been one of the most beautiful things to develop from this work.  I am so moved by his selflessness and generosity to do this, as well as the pure hearts of everyone in the group.  As everyone knows, I am not on Facebook, but Andrew often sends me comments and questions from the group.  The group is pure light and I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  If you aren’t on it, you would be amazed at how uplifting it is – my daily reports pale in comparison – so might want to check it out.  I love all of the wise owls out there and want to thank you for participating in Sophia’s vision.


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