Slider 1313- It Ain’t Easy Being Me, In 5D – 23November2012

Daily Mass Meditation


The angels are telling us that positive energy is pouring onto the earth right now and increasing as the days pass. Wonderful. I have been feeling very calm and happy, very happy indeed as of late. This can be attributed to the energy that is pouring in and the fact that I have been working on myself for many weeks now. I meditate a couple of times a day and I am mindful of my thoughts and feeling. I made a pact the other day, with myself. I told myself while having a nice hot shower, that I would no longer allow negative thoughts and emotions to penetrate into me. I would do my best to stay positive. I would avoid negativity as much as is humanly possible. I made a choice and I am sticking to that choice, but it ain’t easy!

The angels tell us that those who are mindful of ascension and who are working towards that should be feeling positive, peaceful, calm, and loving. And all things negative might begin to make you feel uncomfortable. Yes, this is exactly how I am feeling as of late, and it is wonderful. But I am finding it increasingly difficult to deal with 3D dramas. Here’s a good example.

My wife’s father passed away a short week ago. He was very loved by all. My wife is going through many emotions and ups and downs right now, I understanding her pain. A couple of her close friends did not contact her after her father passed. They made no effort. They didn’t come to the funeral or the wake. My wife is upset and angry about this and decided to cut off contact with them. She called them vulgar names and spread a great deal of anger and negative energy around my house. And here I am trying to stay balanced and happy. It’s crazy!

We had a talk last night. She explained, in a very animated way, why she was angry. I sat and listened and remained calm. I told her that we should not judge others. She didn’t like that. I told her that we all face life lessons and I guess her friends are going through a pretty big one now and will hopefully learn something positive once this all blows over. I imagine that they will contact you to discuss this at some point in the future, I told her. I remained calm. It was a test of sorts for myself. I promised myself that I would not get sucked into drama or negativity anymore and that is exactly what I managed to do during this talk. I stayed positive and calm, and was very proud of that, and was supportive of my dear wife.

At one point she said to me “how can you be so calm when I am so angry?” ”Don’t you agree with me?” I told her that I did agree her friends were in the wrong, and that they should have contacted her, but I told her that I didn’t want to engage in anger. Anger just gets in the way. I could get really angry and agree with what you are saying or I could not get angry and still agree, and that is what I choose to do because the negative emotions and negative energy that I would create would impact me, and you, and everyone else, negatively, and I have done enough of that in my life. I don’t want to go there anymore. She just shook her head. ”How am I supposed to know if you support my opinion if you just sit there remaining calm?” ”Because” I said “I agree with you and I am telling you that I do.”

The entire time that we sat and talked I remained calm, but it wasn’t easy. At times I felt like getting angry, but I was mindful of that and when I noticed that feeing coming on I let it go, told it to go away, I didn’t let it “rule” me. I am the one in control here, not anger, and I choose to be happy.

I am finding it increasingly difficult to be around negativity however. I will of course support my wife in her time of need, but really, when you get down to the heart of the


matter, I just wanna be happy and am really enjoying being happy. Is that so bad? Is that something that I need to defend? Yes, actually it is. Because we live in a world that is so negative a lot of the time. And lots of people don’t really understand my perspective because it is a 5D perspective. I choose love over hate. I choose quiet over noise. I choose laughter over anger. I tell myself “I love everything” I don’t tell myself “f*** everything.”

I don’t apologize for wanting to live this way, but it is not the 3D way. 3D is all about duality, love and hate. But I am done with that roller coaster ride. I am finished with it. I don’t want that anymore. I just want love. And if someone does something hateful or mean to me or someone I love, or even someone I don’t even know, I will do my best to help that person see the truth of what they have done and will be there to listen and help if that is required. And, if that person chooses not to see that what they have done was wrong, so be it. It is not for me to judge them. I can choose to not hang with that person anymore and still love them. Eventually they will come to see the light. And I will be there, arms spread wide to embrace them when they do.

Much love,


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