8 Natural Ways to Stay More Alert and Improve Your Memory – 26November2012


By Amber Scriven
If you are struggling with a drop in alertness, attention span, or memory retention, you may want to try some of these natural remedies:
1. Ginseng & Ginkgo Baloba
These are renowned for helping with memory retention. (Not for regular aspirin takers, blood thinner medications such as warfarin or for people with high blood pressure.)
2. Gotu Kola
This is another herb you can use to enhance memory function. While not as readily available as Ginko or Ginseng, it’s an Indian remedy that your herbalist will be able to get for you in tincture form.
3. Lemon Verbena Tea 
Sip this to improve concentration levels and provide some refreshing energy without the caffeine. Grab the leaves of the plant and plop them in some hot water while you sip it down.
4. Acupuncture
There are 4 points on the crown of you head that you can activate to help your memory. They are called Si Shen Cong and they invigorate the mind. Another acupuncture point used by your practitioner would be Liver 8 which is on the inside of your leg right at the crease of your knee. It will be achy and sore but if you apply pressure you will be invigorating and replenishing the blood to encourage memory retention.
5. Rosemary
This herb can be made into a tea to stimulate brain function by putting a few sprigs on hot water. It is thought that its aromatic nature can help in clearing the mind – great for concentration. Adding it to your diet regularly will have the same effect.
6. Basil 
This is an aromatic herb that may provide the same mind clearing activity for you- you can also access this and peppermint as an essential oil and dab a small amount on your sleeve or a napkin to open your mind and reinvigorate your focus.
7. Exercise
That’s right it is natures answer to almost everything! Getting more exercise leads to more oxygen in the brain and there fore better function – not to mention it gets your blood moving and fresh blood moving around your body can help you to retain more information.
8. Aaaaaannnd …. Relax!
It may be hard to do but finding time to relax and do something fun can provide your brain with enough recuperating time to get back into some serious studying later. Your mind is a muscle and needs time to settle and regroup just like any other part of your body.
Now the test is to see if you remember any of this. 🙂
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Published November 26, 2012 at 1:39 PM

About Amber Scriven

Acupuncturist, herbalist, food lover, health writer and yoga enthusiast, Amber Scriven is the co founder of The Acupuncture & Homeopathic Studio in California. She has a masters degree in sciences and writes for various online health publications while running a multi disciplinary clinic with her mother treating orthopedic injuries, women’s health and sleep deprivation disorders.

Website: www.wellbeingacu.us
Facebook: facebook.com/acu.studio
Twitter: @AcuHomStudio
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