Lunar Eclipse / Kiss the rain – 26November2012


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As the tiniest and trickiest Full Moon of the year passes through the Earth’s outer shadow in a penumbral lunar eclipse, a dusky haze will appear on the surface of the moon, dispersing the gravitational flow and disrupting the lunar pulse here on Earth.  But we are not alone.  Close to the action is a huge but disorientated Jupiter spinning into the dark void of Lilith and aligning with the stormy cluster of fixed stars known as Hyades (aka “the weepers” or “to rain”).  This highly provocative, astro-mix creates a volatile, dark and libidinous vibration… hungry for release.  Satisfaction and success is guaranteed if this stalking, obsessive and compulsive force is harnessed, however if left unbridled to run amok then expect the unexpected… for there will be tears.  This is a turbulent and manipulative energy best kept in liquid motion… so look to the element of water, falling or flowing, to soothe even the most savage and permissive psyche.

Crystal Gaze


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