The Oracle Report- 26November2012


Gibbous Moon Phase – Moon in Taurus

Today the Sun is located at the degree of one of my favorite Sabian symbols: an old owl up in a tree.  We certainly know how to handle today’s energy!  Even if the Sun weren’t located at this degree, the mission today would be to be the wise owl up in a tree because the energy is building in intensity in advance of tomorrow.  Since we know the mission for today, I will talk about tomorrow’s energy now so that wise owls in earlier time zones will have foreknowledge and advance preparation.  There is a lot going on tomorrow (but it will begin entering today):

  • The Sun will oppose the Black Moon and Jupiter: Our shadow sides will be tempted to engage.  This is one of the ways darker forces are trying to trick us out of our journey with Sophia.  You’ll know this is happening if you start to doubt yourself or feel down on yourself or feel like giving up on something.  Knowing that the tendency is for our buttons to be pushed, we can opt out of that.  The themes will be rejection/acceptance/approval.  This energy will be strongest for those with the Black Moon in Gemini (see appendix of my book on the Black Moon on the Books tab if you don’t know which sign your natal Black Moon is located in – the book is free) since the Black Moon is conjunct Jupiter in Gemini right now.
  • Mars will conjunct Pluto:  People will react to this by being impulsive and agressive.  It is very, very strong energy.  It’s the energy of rage, but it is also the energy of empowerment.  Dark forces will use it to empower their dark magic, but we will use it to power our communication with the planet and our participation in her vision.  It will be easier than normal to tune in and radiate harmony in the middle of this chaos, so that is what we will do.  We will do our best to take care of others, be generous, and inspire light.
  • Venus will conjunct Saturn: Deep issues within interpersonal relationships are triggered.  This will cause some people to want to run away or escape the situation.  But wonderful things can be uncovered/discovered if we are willing to take a closer look.  It means going way beneath the surface and it might feel scary to be so far down, but it will be worth it.  Taking a risk or a plunge is supported with this.
  • The Moon will oppose the Activation Point of this month’s New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse before it goes to a Full Moon/Eclipse on Wednesday.  How this manifests for you depends on what you seeded/intended at the New Moon.  We began the month of our spiritual vision quest at that time and now something is going to come to us to enlighten/awaken/empower that intention.  We will be able to integrate some sort of personal insight.  A synchronicity may reveal the additon of a new animal helper.  It’s important to maintain our attention to our surroundings.

So today we are going to take it all in from inside our trees (our inner selves).  We want to prepare ourselves for tomorrow’s energy by meditating and grounding our connection with the planet.  This is what keeps us anchored while others fly off.

(There was a question this weekend by the Facebook community about the Chiron Point.  The Chiron Point is the degree where Chiron was located when it was first discovered: 3-4 Taurus.  In essence, this is the “birthplace” of Chiron, so the degree embodies the themes of Chiron.  Anytime a planet aspects 3-4 Taurus, teaching and healing will ensue.  Additionally, anyone with a natal planet at this degree carries the ability to be like Chiron – to teach and to heal.)


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