John Wadsworth – Powerful Lunar Eclipse On Wednesday – 28November2012


This is another very significant week astrologically as we approach the full moon lunar eclipse on Wednesday, as a series of powerful conjunctions align in what we call a yod or “finger of fate” pattern. An exact conjunction of Mars and Pluto in Capricorn makes a sextile aspect to Venus and Saturn conjunct in Scorpio, both conjunctions form quincunx aspects to the Moon, which itself is in a conjunction with Jupiter in Gemini. The figure suggests that we are being stretched to integrate a new way of understanding, something that seems still just out of our grasp, and requires significant adjustment or re-alignment.

Saturn-Venus-Mercury alignment this week

With Venus, Mars and the Moon involved this is likely be experienced most acutely within relationships.  A Mars-Pluto conjunction is very tense and will bring up uncomfortable aspects of the shadow, especially in Capricorn where Mars is so strong.  Venus-Saturn are conjunct which tends to test relationships, and sexual dynamics may be charged with shadow energy and need to be channelled mindfully, so as not to be destructive, particularly as the conjunction occurs in the sign of Scorpio, the sign that Mars and Pluto rule.  This creates what we call a “reception” between the planets involved in this aspect and intensifies the contact.  The eclipse itself, a partial one, occurs in the Hyades cluster of stars around the face of Taurus the bull, a particularly sensitive placement which could represent the possibility of catharsis.  The Mars-Pluto conjunction is with the star cluster Facies, in the ruthless stare of the Sagittarian archer, so it is not a time when any form of compromise comes easy!


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