Larry Larson – Twelve Insight Journal – The Whole Creation Is Complete By The Time It Arrives In Your World – 2December2012


Twelve Spirit

Many of you experience doubt regarding this whole process of conscious creation because you do not see the wholeness of reality with your five physical senses. We can talk about it easily because we see, from nonphysical perspective, both the vibrational essence and fullness of the thing being created, and the physical manifestation of it. From your physical perspective you only see a very thin slice of reality. The wholeness of it goes way beyond what you see and pre-exists what you see.

Imagine that you lived in a flat world, like a thin sheet of paper, so that you could only see what existed on your two-dimensional plane. If a three dimensional object such as a ball entered into your world, you would first see only a dot appear. Then you would see the dot grow larger into a ring, which would then grow larger until the sphere had passed halfway through your world. And then you would see that circular ring as it shrunk back into a dot and disappeared, as the ball passed completely through your world.

Your world of physical manifestations is exactly like that. The vibrational essence and focusing of source energy that both precedes and sustains physical life and form is far more than you can see with your eyes or hear with your ears. But you access this greater realm on an energetic level. You shape the greater vibrational realm with your thoughts and your imagination. You give form to the source energy that creates the worlds.

When you think the thoughts that feel good you all are shaping your future now. Your future already exists on a vibrational level. Your future events, lives, relationships, cars, all of it, exists now. And you are shaping it now, moment by moment, thought by thought. You won’t see it manifest in your world until it has enough energy to punch through that little slice of paper you call physical reality.And you won’t see all of it all at once. It will appear to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. You will experience the illusion of time because of your point of view.

But the whole creation is complete by the time it arrives in your world. This is why we tell you to create from the end, not the beginning. See the finished product in your imagination, not the process that you imagine it should take. When you have finished it in your imagination and it feels real to you, natural, then the Universe must push it into your experience by what ever means it can find, because it can’t go anywhere else with it. It must be yours, and the Universe can’t just discard it somewhere, not so long as it remains energized by you—either by your fear of it or your excitement for it.

We’ll talk about karma later. What we want you to see for now is that what you imagine is real. “Pie in the sky”, “castles in the air”, “wishes that turn into horses”, all have a place in vibrational reality. And when you attend to them, focus your energy and attention upon them, they will push their way into your world in ways that will astound you.



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