Lee Anne Peters – Words Of Wisdom – December – 2December2012

Temple Of Balance

Now is the time to truly focus on manifesting our dreams, ideas, projects etc into form. Through your clear focus this will occur. Hold that clarity in your creative mind and your heart and allow it to help you bring these visions you have into form. Begin to trust in your abilities and your purpose further and this will also open up this door for you. Please know that sitting back right now and focusing on nothing, and doing nothing will not have your idea magically swich into form before your eyes – action, focus and determination are essential if you are serious about this!

*Take a nice deep and calming breath.. feel that new air fill up your lungs, and gently breathe the old air out. Find your rythym, find your body and listen… Listen to each part of your body – your toes, legs, belly, back, chest, arms, hands, neck, face, head etc and TUNE INTO these. Is there pain? Is there any tension, blocked emotion or anything else stored within there that is coming to your attention? Don’t just what you sense, but allow it to come to your awareness.

Become aware of your Spine ~ straighten it, bend it, breathe back into it – feel its strength, its support. Feel that energy that runs through your spine start to build… breathe with it, and allow it to grow and flow.

As it builds there at your spine, use your focus and intention to expand that energy from there down your legs and out the tips of your toes like radiant beams of light. Feel the light and energy building at your spine move out into your belly and chest – down your arms and out the tips of your fingers – they look like little lighthouses! The energy flows up into your neck and head now and soars out through your crown- as one beam soaring to the heavens. Feel your crown chakra open, expand and connect!

Hold this space for as long as you can…

When you are ready bring your focus back to your breathing, to the room… wiggle your fingers and toes – roll your shoulders back!*

There is so much love for you – especially from your loved ones in spirit. They gather around us all now and fill you with more love. Sway gently from side to side and feel their presence beside you as you sway together.

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Thank you, Lee-Anne

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Lee-Anne Peters is an artist, author, mentor, speaker and radio host. The founder of the award winning Temple of Balance. Lee-Anne loves to inspire you to follow your passions in life. Learn more about Lee-Anne at www.templeofbalance.com

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