Christina Fisher – It’s Our Time At the Threshold of Love – 3December2012


The Golden Heart Dialogues


Here we are. We stand here draped in light, levitating, imbued with multiple strands and particles of light enlivening, activating, lifting us higher and higher. We float above it all.

Hovering, we know we are above it all, cleared of the density, apart from the material plane of a fallen existence. We know we are free, we know we have made the leap into our new reality. Free at last, free at last, from our past. Burgeoning before us is our next location and place to become who we are destined to be.

As we float to our new plane of reality we are assured that what awaits us is of our highest intent. The place we call our new home is our true home. It is a place to roam free and excel. A place for us to explore all we are– and to just be. Floating, we rise above, we leave what kept heaven at bay. We no longer succumb to the lower intent of an old facade. A facade that presented an outward appearance concealed as a non-pleasant or creditable reality.

It is now about being who we are in our unviolated state.

Where we recall the lightness in our heart and the mirth of our birthright joy. A birthright gifted to us way before we inhabited this challenging personage of our self-choosing. For as we lighten up and rise up to a new place, our new station, we know that where we intended to be all along is right here, at the door of love.

Called home, we lift up and fly, as the Wings of Love ably assist us and carefully provide a super strength to our gliding on. The time has come for us to go on. Merrily we go and we lift ourselves into the Realm of Knowing. A realm where we are sure, safe, and secure in our new place of becoming.

The moment is now. We are charged with traveling onto to new horizons, along avenues forgotten or not yet travelled. Once we land we find our selves settling in to where we were guided all along. Familiar we are, in a place too far, from where we came, we meet and reacquaint ourselves with those we knew from before.

Our new group relishes our return. They gather before us to embrace our safe passage, holding a clear intent for us when ours may have been a bit disturbed. As we assemble ourselves we do so with a fresh way of seeing, knowing and being. For in this new place we stand in a circle of love, engulfed by love, we lean in to touch the group we longed to meet.

And now the offering is a place to live, to know, to expand and to grow into all we are, traveling from afar we sit and rest our tired selves at the Threshold of Love.

It is our time to love what is and to know we are finally here.

Dedicated to those of us who have left behind another timeline towards the one of their becoming. May you travel safely, and ably on.

I Am Oma Ola Oma

The Pulse of Love, Purpose, Power and the Potency of Love, Christina Fisher Copyright 2012


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