Sophia Love – Zap! – 4December2012


Sophia Love

It is our third day.  We are on a Quest for truth.  This is not a simple thing; it is the only thing.  In lifetime after lifetime, you’ve come here searching.  Your search is over.  Your heart holds what you’ve been craving.

You reside in a field of love.  Your very base programming begins there.  It is the spark of each other that joins you.  Isolated, you may appreciate nature and love life, yet it is in human contact that you embody the fierce power of agape. For when you love another, it is not their attributes that are calling to your soul, but a reminder of your own.

When you look at each other and are deeply moved, it is because at a fundamental level you understand that there you behold the sacred.  It is you that has stirred your own soul.

What this moment is about is a shedding of our skin of self-loathing.  What is not perfection is not true.  The veil that we speak of is not draped between ourselves and others – but hanging, invisibly, as a barrier to the truth.  It is you on the other side of that veil – gloriously abundant and here now on purpose.  Your vessel will push waves of light cascading over all of creation, creating tsunamis of love.

For love is a force.  Love is here because you are here.  It arrives unbidden whenever you do.  It takes a being of unimaginable power to embody divinity.  It takes you.

Once you embody your truth, we shift.  We have come here thinking it was possible to be alone; understanding now our unity.  We are but One.  There is no better, worse, richer, poorer, deserving or undeserving.  In each of our moments it is decided whose needs take precedence – these things are not foretold by age or economic status, color or title.  We are but different fingers on one hand – equal in all ways.

Oneness is understood as a by product of Agape.  Unconditional love breaks out and encompasses all of life.  Once you feel the extraordinary power of simple self acceptance – you are transmogrified.  You emerge from that discovery a “fifth dimensional human”.  Duality is not in your realm.  Unity is a fact, period.  As you breathe – you love.

Our questions and misunderstandings all stem from a lack of love.  Accept who you are without exception.  This radical act changes everything.

We are here to create the shift of the ages and there is no one else who can.

We are the One we’ve been waiting for.


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