7 Ways to Tap Into Your Intuition – 5December2012

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By Lindsey Lewis
Want to align with synchronicity? To feel flow in your life? To know for certain that choices you make are the right ones, in alignment with your higher self and greater good?
Intuition isn’t weird, woo-woo, or strange. It’s a way of knowing and we’re all biologically hard-wired to be able to access it.
We make better decisions when we rely on intuition
Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking argues that we can make decisions in the blink of an eye.
And he says that often we make better decisions with less information. In other words: we can often trust our hunches and gut instincts.
Dr.  Frances Vaughan, a psychologist known for her work on intuition breaks down intuitive experiences into four categories of awareness:
  1. Physical
  2. Emotional
  3. Mental
  4. Spiritual
So how do you tap into your own intuition?
For most of us, unless we’ve practiced a lot of Buddhist Tonglen meditation, our emotions aren’t the most dependable guides when we’re faced with decisions—simply because we haven’t yet managed to become fully conversant in their ebbs and flows.
We get overcome by the waves, instead of riding them. Our thoughts can do the same. And spiritual intuition seems to come mostly spontaneously.
Physical intuition, number one on Dr. Vaughan’s list, is the easiest to access, identify and develop.
Here’s a powerful way to access your physical intuition, identify it, and practice with it: 
Intuition Body Compass
1. Grab a blank sheet of paper.
2. Draw a horizontal line from one edge to the other—leaving a little space on either end.
3. On the left edge of the line, write – 10. On the right edge of the line, write 10.
This line represents your range of intuitive experiences: the side is times and places where you felt very certain, even if you weren’t certain why.
The – side is times and places where you felt very uncertain, even it seemed like you had all the facts you needed to make a smart choice.
4. Close your eyes and remember a specific instance or multiple instances when you felt very certain—especially if you didn’t quite know why you felt that way. Dive deep into these memories, noticing everything about them. What do you see, hear, feel, taste, touch? Now shift your awareness to your physical sensations. As you sit with these memories, what do you feel in your body? Scan from your head, through your shoulders, into your arms, down your torso, into your stomach, your hips, through your legs, and into your feet.
5. Note every physical sensation. Remember that we’re looking for physical sensations here, not emotions. Get very specific about what you feel in your body.
6. Come up with a descriptive name or label for this group of sensations. What can you call them so that simply saying the name to yourself reminds of the way you felt?
7. Do the same thing for a specific instance, or multiple instances, where you felt very uncertain—especially if it seemed like you should be able to know what to do, based on all the facts.
Now you’ve got your Intuition Body Compass!
Use with reckless abandon and determined intention.
Got a choice to make? Trying to decide between Option A and Option B? 
Envision and fully imagine doing option A—notice your physical sensations.
Then do the same for option B—and any other options.
What physical sensations arise? Which decision feels physically more in alignment with your full-on intuitive times?

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Published December 5, 2012 at 5:17 AM

About Lindsey Lewis

I get excited about helping people blast their stress and boost their happiness. I’m the founder of Libre Living Inc., a lifestyle coach, speaker and yoga teacher—with a major focus on stress and happiness. I quit my 9-5 former dream job to focus on living a life free from stress and full of happiness—and help others do the same. My lifestyle teachings have helped academics at the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University and employees at corporations including Business Objects and SAP Labs Canada. I’m the co-creator of the My Yoga Whole Health Programs and have been featured on Urban Rush and Breakfast Television. My motto? Happiness is free.
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