Bill Ballard – Calling OUT & Exposing The Food Illuminati For What It IS – 5December2012

Uploaded on 5 December 2012 by pearls2u

Isn’t it funny how the Food Illuminati Police Attacked so strongly about yesterday’s video stating the food you eat will not bring you en~Light~en~ment! That is such a hoot! I was attacked so by these so peace loving persons, as they try to express themselves to others they are, in such negative ways, that I did have to make a second video on this subject… I AM STATING CLEARLY AGAIN THAT FOOD WILL NOT BRING YOU YOUR INNER LIGHT IN MENT! I hope you can remove your limitations to comprehend that statement… I say this in LOVE for you, so that YOU MAY REACH YOUR INNER LIGHT IN MENT! All one has to do is shift from that ego those of you were expressing in your attacks about yesterdays vid, from your head into your heart… There is only 1 WAY that en light en ment can be achieved, like it or not! LOVE!


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