Henry Seltzer – A Last Quarter Moon Time For Reflection – 5December2012


This Thursday’s Last Quarter Moon is traditionally a time for thoughtful reflection on the events of the past three weeks of the lunar cycle, regarding whatever has transpired for each of us individually. This gives us the chance to rearrange our thinking and to really wrap our minds around the challenges and changes of these times that we are living through – and to attempt to understand them from the largest possible perspective.

This is especially true now, following on the heels of this very powerful Lunar Eclipse from the end of last month, when the eclipse Moon conjuncted Jupiter, ruler of the eclipse Sun. Jupiter corresponds to higher mind activity as well as teaching, learning and travel, which is always a learning experience; being located now in the mental sign of GeminiJupiter is helpful in promoting the rapid assimilation of new ideas. Currently in retrograde, Jupiter will move to earlier degrees of Gemini as December unfolds, closing in on an inconjunct aspect with transformational Pluto toward the end of the month. Jupiter will be the subject of a Yod formation from Saturn and Pluto that perfects to exact by the time of the Winter Solstice, on December 21st. By limitation and by tough love we can understand where we have to make important and necessary changes.

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