Sophia Love – At The End Of The lens -7December2012

743255Sophia Love



We must be getting pretty close now; this Quest is but two days from completion.  With binoculars we could most likely see our destination.

What does it look like?  How about this?

Uploaded om 22 November 2012 MrFieldMarshall

Or this (which I think must be a given)?

Perception with only our eyes is limited.  We’ll have to rely on our most powerful perceptual organ – our heart.

On the surface, life at the end of this Quest will “look” the way it does now.  We will be people doing our jobs and having relationships.  You’ll have to listen carefully to hear the Agape.

There will be an absence of sarcasm, a derivative of the Greek “sarkasmos” – to tear flesh like dogs, to speak bitterly; both self and other directed.  It is not even a possibility.

It looks a little chaotic as there is less control and no conformity.  Agape looks like freedom.  Everything is okay; just don’t hurt anyone, which includes you.

Everyone acts very differently through this lens.  Behaviors now hidden are expressed OUT LOUD and celebrated.  There is a video being shared on Face Book right now, with clips from a surveillance camera, capturing moments of random dance, play and impulsive passion.  If you’ve seen it, you’d remember it. Agape looks like that.  We will express joy and take chances regardless of who is watching – without fear of ridicule or judgment.  We’ll know we’ve reached our goal when we feel free to express ourselves in front of each other.

Words like shame, embarrassment, ridiculous or stupid have no place on the page with Agape.  There is no “not good enough”. Even debt is not perceived.  Life proceeds as an even exchange of energy and moves always towards balance.  When the guiding force is love, all parties are in concert with what is taking place and will give or take more or less to achieve harmony.

Agape is an instrument in tune.  It is fair.  You cannot deceive yourself; your heart recognizes purity and clarity of expression – it feels and sounds perfect.

As you proceed through your today, notice every time you experience a painful thought.  Now stop and fearlessly look at that thought.  Look with your heart.  Look without judgment, expectation or self-pity.  Just look.  It’s only a thought.  Now imagine what it would take to change the feeling you’ve just experienced; to have the thought without the pain.

Maybe it takes a change of scenery, attitude, expectation or activity.  Whatever it is – do it.  That is freedom.  Live with a fearless state of mind.

This may mean saying “No” or “We need to talk” or “I am going to take a walk” or “I’d like to do this” or “This is not working”.  Fearless implies an ability to look at anything, regardless of what it demonstrates or what emerges as a result of the looking.  It is a willingness to deal with it.

Agape is loving yourself enough to do whatever it takes for joy to emerge.  I imagine our whole world looking like the one we are peeking at with hidden cameras; overflowing with joyous expression, dance, passion and play.  That’s what’s at the other end of the lens, and you are the only one who can get yourself there.

You are the One you’ve been waiting for!

See you tomorrow,



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