Visionkeeper – The Most Meaningful Gifts To Give …- 10December2012



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There are two gifts we can offer the world this holiday season and beyond. The most precious gift is that of unconditional love for all, pouring forth from our open hearts. The other gift is that of Non-Compliance! Do not go along with the corrupt system.

If we desire our freedom from the dark ones, then we must end their power and control by refusing to comply with their wishes. Turn off your nightly propaganda news stations, stop reading the news papers, stop buying their poisoned foods, stop getting their poisonous vaccinations, make everyone you know aware of their poisonous chemtrails in the skies, stop allowing yourself and your private information to be tracked through their electronic gadgets, stop putting money in their pockets period the end, because without our money they cannot keep doing what they are doing. These two gifts are the most important gifts we can offer the world so we can finally make a lasting difference! Happy holidays to you all!


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