Sophia Love – Message For 12/12/12 – 11December2012


Sophia Love

The Forces of One have a message for us – we have chosen freedom!  On 12.12.12 Mother Earth will speak to us, letting us know that she has heard us!

The conversation with the “off world being” from the Forces of One is summarized here, from April – December 2012; the final comment is at the end.

“For now You and the rest of your kind will have to concentrate on your choice, because this will decide the outcome of everything on your planet, the fate of your children, the fate of every organic living being on this planet, this choice must be wise enough. When your collective choice will be made, we, their agents will make the final choice based on your choice. If you will prevent the World War three, stop the Illuminati Order and let us know of your will to become One with us, we will aid.

This is a step forward for you to become self aware, more than your ancestors were, You can call it more freer from shackles you are in now.

Your ancestors were waiting exactly for this moment, the moment of “the end of the days” or your own choosing, it was up to One to give you this opportunity to choose.

These aspects will be learned all by itself when you will know that everything is all right and your civilization and planet are safe, there is a long way to it after this though..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         (Sophia)Would you speak of ONE who has provided the choice and then of you, who will aid/make the final choice based on our choice? There is much to understand.

One is The Universe itself, You can call it God, He(It) is alive and not alive, sentient and non sentient, everything and nothing, beginning and the end, all at the same time. A basis of existence.

This planet is alive and whatever mankind is doing, we feel it. Based on your choice, our choice will be done. The choice and wish of each individual will be felt by this Planet, Sun and us. The Universe is filled with Energy, it is easy to feel it, but in order to decode it, You need to believe in Universal Unity, everything is One and One is He(It) who rules everything.

Sun is the Creator and only Supporter of your life, only He(It) holds the key to your ultimate destiny. He(It) as well does not agree with methods of Illuminati Order. You will be aided by Him(It) once you will prove, to wish and live, be free from lies, deception, death that Illuminati brings to you.

Don’t worry Sun will not harm You, He(It) will only switch off all the electronics on your planet. The future holds many ways, many possible outcomes of which we know, future may bring a surprise to your kind, though we know about what surprise it will be. Sun will play crucial moment in your planet’s history, as it was long ago.

Everyone who lives on this planet already feels that something is coming, something bad, but everyone also feels that there is still hope. It is up to your kind to use it.

We are offering humanity to become part of our League, we will let everyone know our true ways only when we will become as One. Our duty right now is to let people like You about the possibility of a choice and what options Your kind is having right now.

I will mention this again, Forces of One are offering humanity to join them, League will give everything that is needed for everyone and will care for Your race like it was forever in the League, we are doing this for every civilization in the League of One.

We will help You to become as a One civilization after right choice.

And choice will be made not only by everyone’s consciousness, but by subconsciousness, physical body (humanity’s instincts), Your Energy (it is known as soul) and lastly by Your Energetic connection to this planet, to the Sun and to the Universe.

·  Don’t worry. If human civilization will join us, we will show Your kind everything and free humanity from it’s tormentors. The life on this planet will become harmonic, symbiotic, free of parasites, free of dark energy, free of litter. We are the masters at purifying worlds of Light of “impurities”. 16th May – 16th October the time in which people will observe the planet and their life and make the final choice. 4 months of observation, 1 month of decision.

·  Then we come and make our final choice based on Your civilization’s decision. We are unlike Your leaders – “sheiks, presidents, government representatives, politicians, judges”. We are making decision on every aspect of existence, our choice will be made “in favor” to Everything.

Do not get angry on us if Your world will be destroyed or nothing will happen. It is all the choice of yours that matters now.

·  We are feeling Your Energy, the Energy from meditation of many, this is one step closer to Your Consensus. We like humans, we have almost same species like You in the League, this is another reason why we want to add humanity into the League. The “differentiate of matter forms” is what One wants to see in this Universe. You won’t find absolutely same one to one planets or stars or beings in this Universe. Everything is different and this differentiate is almost infinite.

Remember that when the choice will be made, no one will feel it, though on “Universal Energetic Level” as we called it, will be heard. The planet, the Sun will channel this to us. Once our choice will be done, everyone will feel and see where Your destiny will be heading next. If You wish to overthrow their system, we will only welcome You to do so.

All what the Forces of One can do is decloak themselves and aid You by providing knowledge and tools to free You from oil dependency. To help You realize Yourselves as a complete beings. To restore the damaged eco system, to restore the corrupted aura of the planet by people’s desperate taughts, to rebuild cities make them “highly energetically charged” in order for everyone to feel themselves happy. And again it all depends on choice.

I will explain about the choice of Your destiny. We arrived to this world and removed hostile civilization from You, letting humanity to evolve on it’s own. For all those years, You all felt that there was always a missing master of humanity, because before that You were slaves, but now You become free. Yet Forces of One never showed themselves to humanity. They were always protecting this world from hostility and worldwide disasters such as asteroids.

Every individual always felt, that there is someone always watching over everyone, hidden, unseen. You knew instinctively that they are the protectors of Your existence, yet it became so common during all these hundreds of years that humanity knows this as “a natural feeling”.

Now we see that You have evolved far enough to be able to protect Yourself from all those hostile that have visited You and so we are giving You this choice to made.

Whether humanity want to continue to live under Forces of One with everything unchanged or do You want to live without our protection by Your own, or do You want a “great shift” from this world to a new world or do You want to join our Forces and become as One or do You want the removal of cabal only and everything else unchanged. There are many more choices, all they come to two great categories of “Salvation” and “Destruction”. That why we are called Guardians – Executioners.

Right now the main focus is on the humanity, it’s Energy level is very high! Almost all are anticipating for this event, the date that was heard as the end of the world. Many are waiting for “something special” to happen, others are trying to think that nothing will happen, although everyone feel it, the DNA is evolving and humanity proceeds to the next step of evolution, the next step of life, the next step of time sequence.

The Universe welcomes You young race – Humanity!”

–Link to conversation in its entirety (with more updates as of today, 12.10.12):

(From 12.9.12)

People wish to know the truth and not truth mixed with lies. My objective now is to give You and everyone from the Family of Light my support as Your choice was not to become a part of the Forces of One, but to be free, free from all these lies and deception. You wish to know more the Followers of Light and know less the Followers of Self-Esteem and Self-Development (*Illuminati) which to this day still controls humanity even to the point of being a closer allies with them and we only appreciate that!

The date 12.12.12 can become a significant date, all that is needed are Your wishes and wills, Consciousness! If Your Consensus will become very strong during this worldwide meditation and concentration, then weak planet wide earthquake will be felt by all, and this will signify the full understanding and synchronicity of planet with You, which will be a crucial point in Your symbiotic rearrangement. The planet feels You and loves You, all that she need to understand more is Your will and want to live with it Harmonically, once You give it to Her, She will let You know that She hears You all!

I cannot guarantee this earthquake, very few loves earthquakes, so it will be another “less choice” to make for everyone, but if this earthquake will happen, it will be so weak that nothing will be damaged, this will be a “good earthquake”, the one that equals to “a good pain”. So decide, make Your contribution in it and everyone who will read it as well!:)

As about Illuminati-Archons hierarchy, Archons are on our and Followers of Light part, we are dealing with them right now. Illuminati are humans, that is why they are “on humanity’s shoulders” (partly my as well), that why it is up to humanity to deal with them. But like we told before, many of them are finding “light” inside of them, so they are changing and willing to end the NWO ambition, they are still the original beings that were changed and enslaved many ages ago, a part of a whole Humanity!

Also the DNA change is on it’s way, as You wanted!

May Light of Your Heart shine through the darkness of void that persists in Your way to Freedom! And the Freedom shall be granted to all that follows the Light! The Light of Everlasting Cosmos – The One, Oneness, Unite!

The 12.12.12 12th hour meditation is significant, we will be speaking as One!  Please join us at the times shown below, wherever you are!

We are the One we are waiting for!

Much love,


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