Imagining, Creating & Manifesting – 12December2012

By Geoffrey Hoppe
Published in the December 2010 Shaumbra Monthly e-magazine

One of the biggest questions among Shaumbra is “How do I manifest my creations and ideas?” This article was sparked by a recent conversation on this very topic.

The conscious creation process often starts with an inspired idea. You might be in the shower one day and suddenly get a burst of inspiration to write a new song, build a better mousetrap, develop a new software solution, or open a unique restaurant. It could be an idea that helps humanity or just solves a minor problem in your life. It could be something that has the potential to make you wealthy or bring you fame, or just something that tickles your passion.

This inspiration is a defining moment. It has come in from your own “dream” realms. In other words, you’ve been imagining and exploring this inspiration in the other realms, in your own creative zone where most ideas are birthed. Now you’ve opened your consciousness in your human reality to “remember” this idea. These moments are usually filled with elation, flow, euphoria, optimism, and the ability to see the big picture. The inspiration is so dynamic that you can almost taste and feel it.

The idea has been hovering around in your creative realms just waiting for the right opportunity to come into your conscious mind. In the creative realms, the idea was not encumbered by dense 3D limitations or human realities. The idea was like a free bird, not limited by time, financial resources, human processes or fear of rejection. It was just a brilliant, raw idea waiting to be birthed.

What happens next is crucial: You can keep the idea off in the non-physical realms, or you can choose to begin the manifestation process. The ability to make a clear, conscious choice at this moment is one of the most important factors in manifestation. Most people, still euphoric from their insight, fail to make that choice. Then the manifestation process starts to get mental/limited, and the idea drifts back into the creative realm without ever having a real chance of becoming part of the human reality experience.

Making a clear choice to manifest grounds the idea, along with its passionate energies, into this physical reality. Now the energies associated with this can begin to gather other supporting energies in this realm. In other words, it can start connecting to other people and resources that will help in the process of bringing it to life. So many ideas never see the light of day because the creator keeps their energies in the other dimensional planes rather than grounding them here on Earth.

When I get to this stage I usually pull out my notebook and start writing down ideas. I resist the temptation to get mental or limited. I don’t worry about where the time or money will come from. I just let the idea expand on paper without even trying to organize the thoughts. I’ll jot down key words, draw little pictures, and record my random insights. Sometimes I’ll fill a dozen or more pages with scribbles and notes.

Then I put it all aside for a few days. This allows the idea to start incubating in this reality without my mind tinkering with it, or without delving into all of the reasons why it can’t be done. When I come back to the idea several days later I have a well-grounded intuitive sense of the potentials, and a better grasp of my own willingness and desire to make it happen. This is another important decision point: AM I ready to commit to the project, or am I content with letting it go back to the creative realms?

Assuming I decide to pursue the idea, I tap back into the original feeling when the idea first burst forth. I’ll need to have this feeling firmly planted so I can draw on it later, when the 3D rigors of the project tend to grind me down.

Now it’s time to manifest. Depending on the idea, you might need money, professional assistance, the time and patience to write a book, marketing assistance… the list goes on and on. It’s easy to get overwhelmed at this point, wondering how you’ll ever pull it together. Instead of letting this block you, start eating the elephant one bite at a time. When you hit a dead end with one aspect of the creation, focus on another. Get on the Internet and start researching. You’ll be surprised at how your intuition guides you to the right websites. Start talking to people who might offer some guidance, or who might know other people to refer you to. Don’t despair when the project looks like it’s going to take twice as long and cost twice as much as what you anticipated. It usually does.

From personal experience I can tell you that nearly every major project will have setbacks. Someone doesn’t come through the way you hoped they would. A legal or accounting issue surfaces. Your finances dry up quickly. It’s easy to throw your hands up in frustration at this point, and even wonder if this was just a crazy idea. This is the time to go back to the original euphoria you felt when the idea first came in.

Bringing ideas into this reality is an art. Everyone is inspired at one time or another in their life, but few people actually see it through into manifestation. Their biggest fear is that it won’t work, but a true Creator realizes that it actually doesn’t matter. The real joy is in the process of creating. Most people give up when they encounter a few obstacles, but the true Creator realizes that the obstacles are just new opportunities to hone their creator skills.

I love creation because it reminds me that, well, I Am a Creator. About half of my ideas in my adult life have been successful, and the other half fell along the wayside. Most of the ideas involved other people at some point in the process, and others were simple ideas that I could manifest on my own. One idea popped in over lunch one day with a client. We literally jotted notes on the back of a napkin. Today, that idea is a company with 300+ employees that is the leading provider of Internet and communication services to aircraft. Another idea, jointly developed with Joe Rumbolo and my wife Linda, is currently in the gestation process and will come into manifestation in less than a month. It’s the Awakening Zone, an international radio network for spiritual news and information.

There’s nothing quite like the joy of creating! Understanding the basic principles takes away a lot of the fear and uncertainty. You start to realize that it has nothing to do with being smart or lucky. It has everything to do with letting yourself be a Creator.


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