The Earth Allies – Are You Ready? December 2012 Energies Of Love Coming In – 14December2012


Picture : Third Eye Bliss – Anna Lena Cilmi (C)

Sound of Heart

Greetings Love Beings,

We Are Now Moving Very Quickly, if others are Missing this Experience, this is not our Problem. Everyone has Equal Opportunity to Choose the Love they Are, if You Choose the Love You are You receive Everything. Love and Light are Moving Forward Every Moment Very Directly regardless of anything attempting to hold it at bay. Lets say the dam has broke. With this Love and Light Pouring into The Planet. For some this Experience will be as Gentle Peaceful Soothing waves of Bubbling Joy, with a Grand Adventure to Get Ready for. For others this is going to be less enjoyable, as they try to hang onto the shore of the old, that no longer exists. They are going to struggle and fight, without results. This is the Reality for those, who have not chosen Love.
For those Who Have Chosen Love, Are You Ready to walk through the Door into Your Being? Are You Ready to Have the Experience in all EXISTENCE, that has never been experienced before in ALL of Creation?  The Experience that Only a Few Got to Have Here on Planet Earth. Are You ready to Meet Your Parents Of Creation, Your Space Family, and Your Team In The Light and Truth on Planet Earth?

Are You Ready To Meet Your Real Family?

Are You ready to walk through The Gates Of Heaven and Into Eternity Forever? This is what You receive, When You Choose Love and The Experience You Are Going to Have is the Highest Thought Manifested. The Highest Thought Possible, that is Producing the Highest Grandest Experience has Been shared and that is That The Love Called God Everywhere Present, Heaven on Earth Established, as This is Her Highest Possible Thought as Well. All of this has Already Been Decreed on this Planet, and is ALL that IS Now Manifesting. Atoms Vibrate at the Speed of Love Only, Guess Where We are ALL going?

When You Are Present in the Moment of Now, Love Everywhere Present, You  Experience Synchronostic Events, which are your Validations that You are Home. Each Present Moment is a Gift from the Energy Of Love, these Events are your Atoms Saying HI to YOU. These Atoms of Energy are Always With you, because they make you UP. Family=Each Atom of Energy=All Love is! Now, as Decreed by Love, these Atoms can no longer be Misused in Energy, nor distorted, as The Real Dream of Love Forever after has Begun. Love has Awoken Every Atom within all of Creation, these Atoms have been called into The Highest Possible thought, by Love. This is Their Decree, which includes Everything. As Awakened Atoms they have a Responsibility within Creation, and Therefore Respond to and Honor Love, The Love That Created them. Each of You Are Made Up of these Atoms=Energy, and this is the broadcast Signal that is Being Sent Directly into the Heart Chakra, and Expanding from there.

Bonnie Raitt “Nick of Time”

We are Here to Bring Humanity to the Doorway of Their True Beings. It’s not up to US if they step through this Doorway into Heaven. If They step through it, they receive Everything. WE Highly recommend stepping through the door into the True Being of Love.

“In Multi-Dimensional Thought, you Understand that Everything is ALL LOVE,  and that within this Love You Are One With Everything. In Truth, Love is all That can and Does Exist. When you Remember you are This Love, Equal to all Love is, One With Everything, you can never turn back. For this is the Secret to Eternal Life, Being In Heaven. This is Your undeniable Destiny. WE Came Here, because Humanity Asked For Us to Be Here. Because Father God and I Are Balanced Harmonics, So Will Each Human Being With a Heart Align to this Frequency, or they will leave the Planet.”

“Its far more Enjoyable to Be One Within Love, then One without Love. The Key word here is Within.”

“Love is Bigger than all of Creation Put Together, Love is As Big AS We Are!!”

The Grandest Experience is always the Highest Thought you Have, that Serves Love for the Greatest Good of the ALL, and The ONE. In True Reality Only Highest Thought can come into Manifestation, meaning that it comes directly into Your Experience so that Love Can Be Expressed Through You. When Your Thoughts are On Love, and Only Love, this is all You Experience. Some of you question “How can We change this Planet?” and what can you accomplish to change it? The Answer is Very Simple, So Simple, you are Going to Giggle. So Simple, that In This Instant Love Transforms You For Love is Like that. It can only take an instant, One Moment, and You are In Spirit’s Arms. To Change the world back Home into the Planet, You Just Be the Love You are, and Love Takes Care of the rest. Love is always Self Correcting. Be the Love, See the Love, Share the Love, and this is All Your Mission on this Planet Truly is. Love is Contagious, One Light Shines, then Another, then another, and What Occurs? One Brilliantly Lit Up Planet Earth. By Being The Love You Are, You Assist in Transforming the lower vibrations, or lower thoughts, into The Higher Realms of Thought, Called Love Everywhere Present, Heaven Consciousness.

You are One With Everything Except illusion, because it does not exist. What does it mean to be One with Everything? It Means You Are One With Everything Love is, any other thought would be in the lower vibrations.

Each Living Breathing Human Being Came Here to have the Grandest Experience In ALL Existence. Your Highest Thought of Love  is Your Grandest Experience Manifested, as Love expresses through you Every Highest Thought That You Have that Serves the ALL, and That Serves Love. Not One Being on this Planet came here to play in illusion. Each Of You Came By Divine Contract To Be The Love That You Are, And Serve This Love, no matter what. Anything else would be serving nothing, and having no purpose nor Reality.

“Oneness Understands itself Just By BEING, Love Understands Being Just by Understanding. It’s Always the Understanding that Love Exists Within Each and Every Being. When the Being Understands Oneness, then the Being Becomes Love in Love’s Understanding of Being, Which is Always Yes! Yes, Is ALL that Is Real, and ALL Love Can Understand. Love is Yes, and In Yes, Love says Yes To Everything in Joy and Oneness.”

Love Happens very Precisely in the Exacting Now, as Love is Within this Very Moment. This Moment then Expands into Multi- Dimensional Eternities, that are never ending. This is Stepping through the Door and as You Do, Spirit, Love, Catches you, and you Immerse yourself into Spirit’s arms.

Love The Earth Allies

Rehearter If You Need Assistence We Do have Awakening Sessions to assist

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