VisionKeeper – We’re Almost There – 14December2012


One World Rising

We are almost at the threshold of 12-21-12. I do not wish to dump rain on anybody’s parade, but I feel we should kick around a few ideas so we are well prepared. What if this magical date comes and goes and nothing much happens much like 12-12-12? If we have high expectations surrounding this date then indeed we are setting ourselves up for a huge downfall if nothing transpires.

I do not wish to see that happen to any of us, so let us get our minds out of 3D thinking and back on the 5D track. If we have no expectations there can be no let down. I think a great many of us secretly inside hold hopes that this day will change the world and release us from the prison we are in. I doubt the magical date of 12-21-12 is going to change anything on that day. It is WE who are going to make the changes we are so desperate for. Are we desperate enough to start going within and making change? The best we can hope for is that the astrological alignments, which do indeed have great power behind them, will help minds to awaken that otherwise would not have, and that the hundredth monkey will finally hop over and shift the paradigm over to one of love and peace.

There has been so much hype in the media and in alternative news as well about this date. It is all anyone has thought about over this past year and as we near the end it is playing in our minds 24/7. This is dangerous to build our hopes up. We must keep coming together and using our intent and creative thinking to bring about the changes we desire, but we must do so without expectations or a required outcome. Will we do it by 12-21-12? We will have to wait and see. I think all of the group meditations on change and the new world are igniting collective energy and this is good. By now we are all fully aware of the proven scientific findings that our thoughts create our reality. We know it is possible and now we are attempting to put that into practice by envisioning our new world.

Will we be successful? Only creator knows for sure. We will have to wait and see. Lets face it, there is bound to be some change ahead on our path because of what we are doing, I just don’t know if it will be all that so many are expecting because of all that has been said this past year. It is so important to stay very aware of what we are doing and thinking so we can catch ourselves if we slip up. Like falling into the expectation trap of 3D and what we are hoping for on 12-21-12. It is hard sometimes to even realize we have slipped back  into 3D. We have been going in and out of dimensions for so long now, both dimensions seem familiar and we don’t notice. But we MUST!

Imagine the massive let down the light worker world will feel if nothing spectacular happens on that date because we have been hanging out in 3D dreams of what will come. I shutter to think about it, but we must! Get out of 3D and get back into the 5D flow, where whatever happens happens because it was meant to be. Maybe so little happening on 12-12-12 was a message for us on exactly this matter. Maybe it was trying to reel us back in and say “Hey, don’t expect, just go with what comes along”. That is something to think about. I for one wish to make the easiest and most gentle shift I can so I am trying to stay clear of of expectation. I don’t want to plummet into that awful space of feeling let down. Stay on course, stay in your hearts, stay in the light and above all stay out of 3D!!!

Much love and Blessings to us all,



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