Laura Bruno – Family Relationships And Ascension Energies – 15December2012

laura bruno

Laura Bruno

I’ve received so many emailed questions and phone sessions regarding the issue of changing family relationships during this Ascension process. Since I hear variations of this theme again and again, I thought I’d share a general response here. The following information comes as a compilation of very short emails and longer explanations shared during sessions. I hope this post clarifies the energies and situations so many of us continue to experience during these intense times:

The overall energies on this planet are trending towards revelation and truth, but free will remains an option. If people wish to stay in denial, though, they will need to “work” for it — much more than before. In times past, denial was the default option on planet Earth. Unless you worked to break free of illusions, you stayed stuck in them. Beginning around Spring 2011, the dominant energies on Earth began to shift from denial towards Awareness.

This time period initiated many governmental security leaks, corporate and government whistle blowers, as well as the declassification of key documents revealing lies and/or high level, systemic corruption. Many so-called conspiracy theories have moved from complete fringe ideas to proven facts or at least theories now supported by credentialed scientists and insiders coming forward with vital information. On the personal level, the move from a denial culture to an awakened culture has brought forth Shadow elements in people’s lives. Anything hidden springs leaks into consciousness. Past life “bleed-through,” subconscious urges, and repressed desires keep bubbling to the surface for attention. Simultaneously, the time lag between conscious awareness of need, fear or desire has shortened. People who embrace this process find themselves enjoying more instantaneous manifestation. Those who reject this process must now fight to keep things from becoming conscious if they don’t want to battle those factors in the very near future.

People embracing Ascension energies often run into conflict with or rejection by individuals or groups who really don’t want to wake up and face a new reality. Whereas a couple years ago, even somewhat a few months ago, life supported denial, the Earth energies now trend towards the opposite. It takes a greater amount of effort to stay in denial than it does to wake up, because people wanting to maintain the status quo are suddenly swimming against the tide. You might feel this as major push-back, and it has less to do with you than with the energies. The sleepers can’t just ignore things anymore, because the prevailing energy does not support that. As a result, they will need to isolate themselves more and more from truth-seekers lest that enlightening energy seeps out and catches them unawares. Remaining in denial now requires nearly constant vigilance! That’s why you see so much legislation to combat whistle blowers and protestors. It’s also why you feel surprised by so much rigidity and increased attacks from people who previously just lived and let live.

I’ve observed this dynamic in my own life as well. Family members who used to be terrified and extremely judgmental of what I do now regularly request Medical Intuitive insights and advice from me. By contrast, people who used to tolerate my gifts by simply ignoring them have completely disappeared from my life. It’s like I don’t exist for these people anymore. No return emails or texts. No phone calls. No nothing! For all intents and purposes, I don’t exist in their reality. I remember them, but the chasm between us has grown so huge that connection requires my multi-dimensional connection skills, not unlike conversing with those who’ve already passed beyond our realm. These people remain so enmeshed in the old paradigm that they’ve shown no inclination to look beyond duality. No inclination to open their Awareness. As a result, they have completely shut me out — which takes less effort than filtering any revelations I might accidentally radiate their way. The shut-out works well for me, too. It takes so much more energy to deal with people in denial, and there are plenty of people out there who are waking up. I don’t know what will happen after the 21st in terms of these people “getting” it, but in my own life and hearing from clients, those who want to stay in denial and the old are working really hard for that “privilege” right now.

If you’d like more details or strategies specific to your own life and your own relationships, we can schedule a session. Rest assured that the Universe continues to sort itself. People will float in and out of your life as their and your energies recalibrate. Awakening happens on the inside, and you can’t fake it. As we move more towards harmony and resonance on this planet, it will become more noticeable and difficult to engage in disharmonious and non-resonant relationships. Try not to judge something or someone as good or bad, since that locks you into an old paradigm of duality. Rather, use these experiences to observe in yourself where conflicting attitudes may need harmonizing, or where fear or judgment may need a big infusion of L-O-V-E. (Lots Of Vivacious Energy.) We live during incredibly potent times that we can choose to embrace or resist. The more we harmonize with the opportunities, the more Life Force Energy courses through us, and the more joyful and expansive we feel. Surrender and enjoy yourself.

And if all else fails … remember Bill Hicks:

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