Sophia Love – Don’t MIss It – 15December2012


Sophia Love

Not thirty minutes ago, a pair of brilliant red mittens attached to a small brunette human in a soft blue sweatshirt jogged off to my right.  She just emerged again from my left without breaking her stride.  It is as if she is in a loop.

Even the birds this morning are circular.  Wildly swooping around and around and amidst each other, the herons and geese flock in front of me.  None of them stop to fish or eat or rest; this mass of crying, flying wings is seemingly stuck together.  It’s like watching a vinyl record with a skip in it.  Perhaps it is this chem. trail laden sky they’ve been forced to fly through – it’s messed with their GPS.

Until one breaks through, lifts off above them and heads east – straight for the rising sun.  Three of them have done this so far – a goose and two herons.  They have not returned and do not seem to be missed.

Perhaps this is a dress rehearsal.  This frozen lake and small grove of bare trees plays out our world’s ascension.  Unaware, you could drive by and miss the whole event.  The bird sounds, foliage and water appear unchanged.  It’s the life within and around them that’s different.

A week from now it’ll all be over.  We’ve been told that some of us will remember and some of us won’t, that some of us will be gone and some of us won’t, that we’ll be meeting new allies from off world and re-structuring the way we do just about everything.  It’s sort of mind blowing and yet if unaware, you could be right in the thick of it and miss the whole event.

Don’t miss it.  Take your eyes off this screen and settle in.  This event, 26,000 years in the making, is not happening on any electronic device, no matter how good the resolution.  It’s happening beyond your front door – it’s time to take it to the streets.

There is nothing any of us can say that is worthy of removing your attention from the only place you came to be.  The shift of the ages is happening in YOU.

No teacher, blogger, guide, ascended master or off world channeler can tell you what this means for you.  It is time to go within.  It is up to only you.

You are ready. Put your focus on your heart and love.  Whether you stay with the flock or fly off towards the sun, you’ll choose perfectly.  For that is what a Master does.

You are the One you’ve been waiting for.


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