Wes Annac – Feeling The Effects – 15December2012


Wes Annac

Boy, have these heightened energies been affecting my perception in the most wonderful of ways. I had expected and still expect a gradual realization of an inherent shift in perspective on my part but even with that expectation employed, I am beginning to notice the shift as if it has come about quite quickly.

I do not speak of course, of a shift into the fifth dimension but rather, a shift into a place of enlightenment and realization that was greater than I had previously attained. Accompanying this shift are random and amazing moments of sheer happiness and joy that I am unable to express the strength of. I will find myself almost giggling like a small child for seemingly no reason, while I experience a host of other effects.

The wonder and beauty of Life is beginning to make itself known within me and I am finding a greater everlasting happiness that cannot seem to be taken down, no matter the level of testing my resolve involved. These past few days have seen the manifestation of events that would have previously thrown me way out of balance and I’ve been able to monitor and understand my reactions to such events and the resulting manifestations those reactions would produce in my Life.

A couple of days ago I found myself stranded on the side of a rode, miles away from home, having blown a tire. Of course, I in all my youngness knew nothing about changing a tire or even if I had a spare in my car and rather than reacting as one would perhaps expect when this happened, the fact that we were to be stranded until assistance arrived did not seem to faze me one bit.

The area we had broken down in was quite beautiful, and I faced a wide open field as well as a beautiful background of forest to enjoy until the help we had called arrived. Both my fiancé and I were quite happy and balanced the whole time and while our toddler did not understand why we had seemed to stop at the side of the road for a very long time and was cranky as a result, my reaction to the entire situation was much, much different than I had expected.

I enjoyed the atmosphere of the place we were stranded in. We were not too far away from home [only a few miles] and help arrived fairly quickly because we are blessed with some amazing family members. I learned how to change a tire and how to find the spare in the back of my car, and I quite enjoyed the sense of work, learning and accomplishment accompanying this experience.

I believe that was on the eleventh, one day before the potent and powerful 12-12. The manifestation of that event one day before the 12-12 solidified the opinion in me that the energies from this alignment were already powerfully reaching us and I have to say, because of that manifestation and because of the sheer infallibly-happy perspective that I am finding at this very moment; this alignment was very powerful indeed.

Events continue to manifest in my personal Life that test my resolve to remain centered and with every lesson I will inevitably learn, I feel an aspect of my former, lower self, fading and disintegrating from my overall consciousness and perspective.

Those egotistical patterns which will be repeated forever and ever until one recognizes and deals with them, are being replaced by the ever-prevalent joy and bliss of the higher realms and again, I am finding my whole perception shifting and changing as I discover new concepts and enlighten myself about older concepts that I am still working to Master.

I’m beginning to understand something that a few of our channeled sources have been attempting to convey and that is, the ease of finding a higher dimensional perspective and returning to such perspective continually once one reaches certain predetermined strides in their ascension processes. It is literally as if a light is being shone on former aspects of me and on the limitations of density that I’ve allowed myself to feed because I didn’t understand them properly.

Everything I’ve begun to discover that is of a higher dimensional nature is expanding in terms of my ability to easily access and re-access them as well as how powerfully and clearly they will make themselves known to me.

Astral travel is becoming much more refined and in depth, and I’m even discovering things about the true nature of this area around me as my third eye is permeated with impressions of what this land used to look like. The beauty and the harmony exist within the forefront of my perception and I am happily leaving behind anything that is of a lower or twisted-up nature.

Personally, I am just not resonating with the energies accompanying hateful expression, arguing or generally behaving in an oppressive, un-allowing or patriarchal nature because they feel twisted-up and out of alignment with the higher realms to me.

They do not feel like the perspectives I wish to expose myself to or employ within myself any longer and rather, a supremely-pure Love and acceptance toward all those around me, no matter the perspectives they employ that I may disagree with, is replacing the very perceived need to “duke it out”, argue or express my opinion as if it were fact.

Even discussing such things fills me with an old, dense and outdated energy and I have to say to those who may still wish to argue over their beliefs; I had been used to doing the same thing but I’ve found it to be quite a bother and a chore.

I’m happy and secure in my knowing and in my Light and with that security, I know that truly nothing can hold me back from expressing my Light in the absolute purest forms possible and I know as well that while we all have different perspectives, we are integral pieces of a collective puzzle and this revelation turns-up the need for us to find and realize our inherent unity.

This is where my process is taking me at this point and it is hoped that the 12-12 impacted you all as profoundly as it did me, because I am still experiencing upgrades from this alignment and absorbing energies within myself that are just great. I’m finding a simplistic happiness at this point and truly, I need for nothing more.

Wes Annac – Still happy to be here in these most amazing of times.


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