Christina Fisher – Our New Humanity is Here Now – 16December2012

Lotus Light

The Golden Heart Dialogues

A new archetypal human is being birthed; this new human is us. We are forming ourselves into our new cosmic constitution. One that is determined by our birthright, our original configuration, that has by design, been in a deep slumber much like a master in hibernation and preparation for renewal towards a new cosmic cycle.

It is now time to be born into a new body of light. The earth is going through a massive encounter with her primordial self and we are joining her. We are to be reborn into our true likeness. This is occurring so we can transcend and be in a completely new domicile.

It is one of a higher octave and we are enjoining our beloved earth to assure we will be as one. The time for preparing a clear path is monumental. It is here now and we are asked to conjoin for this global shift into a higher light.

Our destination and new domicile is a place where there is only love. It is a new place where each and every heart will know their birthright. This will be an experience of the utmost and it will be one event that will unify all. This event is destined to be alarm us, as well as astonish us.

The Principals of Light are a master group of beings encompassing the highest realm of light. They are a combination of intelligent Source Beings here to accelerate the consciousness of humanity and to provide help for our journey home.  Our journey home is the gift promised to each human being.

All we need now is to be quiet and still. We need to remember our higher self is in charge. As we embolden our higher self, we place ourselves in able, stable and capable hands. This takes the pressure off our linear-so-in-charge-self. So, it would behoove all to extend beyond the norm, to where love lives. To stretch across the horizon towards our future self is good advice.

The sequential codes for our safe journey are already present within us. My role over the past twelve years has been to activate this awareness in every heart. Activating the Golden Heart is the key to the doorway home. It is and has always been our destiny to discover this at this exact time. We are now embarking on a sacred passage and journey to be who we truly are. There is an opportunity for every person to transcend his or her limited self.

The way home, the entry point, is through the heart. The heart is our energetic grid. This is the place that will become love and provide us with our future lifestyle. This is the life we were born to know and become.

When this time arrives there will be a moment where all will become still. And humanity will be shown in their hearts they are one. This time is nearing. I know this may be rather mundane for some and not so for others. If you are adjusting to the messages recorded on this web site, then it is important to open your heart simply through your intent. I received a transmission mantra in 2008 that acts as an activation code. I have printed it here before and it is also in Call to Unison, A Calling Inward to the Heart. This mantra is perfect for tuning into your higher faculties. Your intent is everything.

The Golden Heart Mantra

I align to Truth

I align to the Heart

I align to my I Am Presence

I am Thou

I Am Now

This is suitable for daily aligning and this can be said out loud or silently throughout your day. It is potent and pure.

Know we have come to be love, to know love and to live love. There is nothing more essential than this. See yourself, see others and merge into the field, be daring and go where you have not been before.

I will see you there.

In the Sanctuary of Enlightenment, Becoming a Divine Human, Christina Fisher  Copyright 2012


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