Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Your Whole Life Is All About Transition – 16December2012


Twelve Spirit

Would you please address the timing of the transition from our physical existence back into the non-physical world (that which we call death)? Is it true no one transitions before their time and what determines the timing of one’s transition?

Transition into your purely nonphysical form has more to do with your intentions prior to physical birth than it does with conditions present in your physical life experience. You came here knowing that your physical life would have an end. So the timing of it is secondary to the achievement of your overall life intention.

Not all of you intended to be here a long time. Some of you just wanted a taste of human physical life. Others of you want to live a very long time. But if you recognize that longevity is irrelevant when you are an eternal being—and you are—then you know the attainment of your primary intention is more important than the length of time it takes you to do it.

We think your question has to do more with the timing of any of your manifestations, you see, and that you can determine by feeling for their vibrational presence. If you choose, you can feel the pending arrival of your own transition. For your nonphysical self it is no more of an issue than taking off a glove. The suffering and fear associated with transitioning has evolved from man’s tendency to identify with the physical body as self, rather than the nonphysical source self.

The degree to which you can identify with your nonphysical self more fully—as opposed to thinking the physical body is all you’ve got—will assist you in all of your manifestations and their timing. You’ll begin to recognize the naturalness, the ease, and the grace by which your creations come. This is why we want you spending time in meditation each day, to connect more fully with your greater self. This is your source of “ease-ful” transitions of all sorts.

Your whole life is all about transitions. When you transition from one relationship to another, one job to another, one car to another, it’s all about allowing: Allowing yourself to be the person on the other side; the one with the new car, the new lover, or the new physical body.

So to answer your question—some of you are caught completely off guard by the timing of your transition out of physical life. But in general these are the same people who have been caught off guard by all of it, who believed life was something happening to them, rather than something directed by them.

Those of you who are consciously creating experience will choose the timing of your own transition in concert with your broader nonphysical self. And you will do it just as you choose and allow any of your other manifestations—the launching of intention, and the allowing of the natural flow, as you withdraw more and more of your attention back to your nonphysical home.

You are eternal beings: This life is but one of many you have lived. We are with you on all your journeys.



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