Visionkeeper – Get In That Party Mood! -18December2012


One World Rising

Get your dancing shoes polished and style your hair. It is about time that the party begins. Here we are at Tuesday with just two more full days to go, then Friday and all it holds for us will unfold. How exciting. I was thinking last evening about everything we are experiencing and a new thought came to mind. We wonder what we will feel, will our consciousness be raised, will anything change physically. We are thinking in our typical 3D mindset. Instead let us wonder and think about the rest of the universe. Will our star brothers and sisters on other planets being watching us all intently, filled with excitement as well, wondering will we do it, will the whole universe now shift because of what we have done, are their lives about to change as well?

Being as how we are living in a holographic universe, what is done to one is done to all, and that includes ascending! Are they wringing their hands in anticipation? Are they planning parties and celebrations? Who knows. It is all such a huge mystery that hopefully will reveal the answers come Friday. I like to think they are up there cheering us on and getting their celebrations in order. We tend to forget that what we are doing for our planet and for ourselves we are doing for the entire universe as well. That is the very nature of anything holographic. So let us not forget our star brothers and sisters as we all creep closer to the magic moment. Forget having a block party, how about throwing a galaxy party? Stay in your hearts, do for others and amplify your light tenfold and be pure love within. like kids on a road trip say, “Are we there yet?” Almost!

Blessings to the universe and to us all,



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