Bella Capozzi – Archangel Indriel – “From A Pumpkin To A Coach” – 19December2012


The Angel Diaries

♡  This is a message I received upon waking, on the morning of the events at Sandy Hook Elementary.  Even though the content of the message is not directly connected to what happened that day -for many reasons I decided to delay posting it on Saturday, as I had planned.  I must be honest and say that since Friday I have been spending a great deal of time in reflection and meditation, and have been working on my own clearings and activations.  Up until now, I’ve never had a problem remaining detached from the craziness out there in the 3D world.  It’s been fairly easy to be a caring observer, and to focus only on sending love and prayers to the situation.  Not an overly emotional person by nature, this hasn’t been one of the issues I had to work on all that much.  Wow, has this week been a wake-up call!  I reacted in an extremely emotional and “human” way to this unspeakable tragedy.

I learned of what had happened while waiting on the car-ramp of my son’s school, in the parent pickup line.  As a former Pre-K teacher and having worked for many years as a full-time substitute teacher for grades kindergarten through 2nd, I’ve always considered the classroom an almost magical, safe, charmed sort of place.  No matter what upheavals were taking place in my own life, I always felt that when I walked into the classroom I was in the safest and most comfortable place there could posiibly be.  Yes, we were required to lock our doors and perform the mandatory lockdown drills.  But it seemed inconceivable to me that in such a sweet and colorful world we would ever need to implement them.  Despite all the violence going on out there, who could ever really want to hurt sweet, innocent little children? What would be the purpose of such a thing?  And yes, I’m the first to agree with all of you, that I have a tendency to walk around with my head in up the clouds.

One rather interesting side affect of all the work I’ve been doing to prepare for Ascension is that I’ve recently become an empath.  In many ways it’s wonderful, but when you haven’t learned (or remembered) yet how to control it and use it properly, it can be a bit of a nightmare.  I found myself empathetically connecting with the Moms, and became overcome by their grief. All I wanted to do was to reach out and help them.  I thought of the teachers, and started to absorb the resiue of fear that remained behind, even after they transitioned.  My heart broke for them.  Intermittently, while driving or cooking dinner, I started to receive flashes of imagery of what I think were the classrooms, and they would morph and change into my own former classrooms – with the scenario instead happening back there.  The fact that it happened so close to New Canaan, CT made it even harder for me to process.  This one hit home in yet another very personal way.  But now, thanks to my Team and several of my beautiful friends’ brilliant healing abilities, I’ve finally been able to detach and view things from a healthier, more 5th-dimensional perspective.  It’s nice to be feeling normal again (if there actually is such a thing, which I doubt), and to be back here writing.  This is my last message between now and Christmas, as I’ll be heading back up to Connecticut to spend the Holidays with family and working to anchor some healing energy and light for the people of this area.

As you enjoy your Holidays, please be sure to appreciate all the healthy kids in your life.  Give thanks to God for your beloved family and friends and be especially thankful for having been given the opportunity to be here on Earth at this truly incredible time.  In a couple of days the Great Shift will be upon us, and we’ll travel along with Gaia into our new, 5th-dimesional experience.  We can finally close the book on 3D Earth, giving thanks for all it taught us, while at the same time wishing it a fond farewell.  I, for one, am more than ready to see it go.   I love and treasure you all, and wish you a brilliant 21st!


You shall create what you seek, and that which you seek to create is a literate and direct expression of what resides within your heart.  You shall create whatever it is that you wholeheartedly believe you are creating.  Create beauty, things of true love, and a oneness of mind and heart and spirit.  Anything is possible, and what you think of today as miracles will quite soon become the commonplace.  Rejoice, my precious Lightholders!  You are ascending, as is your dearest Mother Earth, and you shall awaken from your deep, dark slumber to the most exquisite and beautiful reality you have ever imagined.  Gaia throws off the shackles which have bound her for so long.  Her reality becomes your reality.  Anchor yourselves now, this day, to what is the perfect, fifth-dimensional version of Gaia.  For indeed, there is more than just one.  As you wrap your golden cord around her shimmering core-crystal, take care that it is the ascending Gaia to which you adhere.

You shall begin to slowly take in the evidence of your transition.  You shall feel something click into place each time you perceive a new wonder and with each new discovery.  Like the turning of a dial, the flipping of lightswitch.  Yes, a lightswitch, for could there ever be a more apt comparison than that?  For each one of you, expect that it shall be an intensely unique and personal experience.  Accept that your lives are going to radically change, because for the most part they most certainly shall.  It is very difficult to imagine such a thing, as for many of you the new reality has not yet begun to manifest itself in the everyday workings of your day.  But it shall.  It can be no other way.  No, there is no single, magic moment when the wars shall stop and the suffering shall cease.  But as the paradigm progresses, it very rapidly shall become evident that these things are falling away and that they no longer shall be tolerated or supported by either the masses or the planet herself.

There is much repair work to be done, but know that this too shall proceed most expediently and you shall have help.  Your Galactic Brethren and we, your family of the Angelic Realms, stand poised and ready to assist.  As we are doing already, only without the hindrance of the veil of secrecy and the obstruction of the energies of third density.  Your first task shall be to step up and do the housecleaning.  Sweep away the dust, toss out the rubbish and polish the jewels.  Gaia is going from ill and decaying to rich and sumptuous.  From a pumpkin to a coach.  She is the vehicle upon which you travel the cosmos.  Your new home.  Your magnificent New Earth!

Dear Ones, this is your experience, and you cannot be passed over.  Ideas such as this one are rooted in the old Human consciousness, and it deeply moves us to see how many of you there still are who feel that this is even a remote possibility.  I caution you that by lending credence to ideas such self-sabotaging ideas as this, you cause yourself unwarranted stress.  By doing so, you are latching onto the outgoing matrix.  You are each the Master of your own destiny.  Think on it.  Faith. Intention. Love. Grace. Non-Judgement.  Trust.  Oh, I could go on and on indefinitely!  These are the only things you need to focus on, and nothing more.  Do you feel them, embody them, emanate them?  If you have answered yes, then you are ready.  Ready to take on your new life.  Bless you, Dear Ones.  And go with God.

Copyright © Bella Capozzi.  All rights reserved.  You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

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