Laura Bruno – In A World Of All Possibilities… – 19December2012

Laura Bruno’s Blog

In a world of all possibilities, with nothing actually settled or stagnant, I choose to empower those timelines and those revelations most empowering to Love, Freedom, Abundance, Joy and sheer Relief for the Highest Good of All. I see tears of joy, not pain. I feel celebration, not despair. I see reunion, hear laughter. Hope remains. May it be so.

May it be so across this Earth and across this Galaxy. May we each ignite with our Divine spark of creation only those realities that we choose to accept. May we remember our power to change our world by infusing the creative Power of our Imagination with full-blown heart-love, knowing that nothing is impossible with the immense love available to all of us at all times and timelines. May it be so.

In a world where all time is Now, in which past, present and future all meld into one cosmic soup of creative expression, I choose to empower the eternal Now that heals, reveals and awakens awe. I choose to receive Grace, and to live in a world that allows for miracles. A world in which impossible things take place all the time because we remember how to make it so.

May there be peace. May there be love. May there be freedom on all levels. May it be so.


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