Visionkeeper – All Aboard – 20December2012


One World Rising

The end of the journey has almost come after a long and often difficult struggle to ward off the darkness and hold the light in our hearts. Our ship of compassion has docked and it is time to climb aboard and sail off into a brighter dimension where love encompasses all. We are done with the doom and cruelty and hopelessness we have been held captive in forever.

We are aware of the truth of a better world and we are done with who and what we’ve been, for that was not really who we were. We are the bright light of hope and love and deep compassion for all of humanity, mother earth and all of her many animal children. We are the new world that awaits us and it’s time has finally come. Our hearts are open and filled with love and as we board our light vessel and we welcome all aboard who choose love over fear and are able to reach out to all shores and offer peace and acceptance and caring for all living beings and our blessed Mother Gaia. Away we go into the light of love! There is no turning back now. See you tomorrow in the new world! Blessings and light for a safe voyage…

Don’t forget the party tomorrow to get together and share our experiences of this sacred moment! I am eager to hear from everybody. Also here is the link for the exact time of the light information entering your particular time zone. Get your paper and pen ready to write down any incoming info in that 8 minute window if indeed that happens. We will know tomorrow! Best to be prepared just in case. Stay happy and in your hearts and be love.The world needs our light more than ever right now.

Love and blessings to us all and to the universe…



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