Jafree Ozwald – How to Integrate The Great Galactic Alignment – 21December2012



On Friday, December 21st 2012, something very amazing is going to happen to us.  All the planets in our solar system, including our Earth, Moon, and our Sun will come into perfect alignment with each other.  This alignment happens every 5125 years!  What’s even more amazing is that our Sun which is orbiting the star Alcyone in the Pleiades constellation, will simultaneously begin its return orbit back towards Alcyone, and this happens every 26,000 years!  The dogstar Sirius (which Alcyone orbits) will complete its 225 million year orbit around the entire Milky Way galaxy on this same time and date!  To top it off all off, we will also come into direct alignment with the black hole that exists at the center of our Milky Way galaxy, which is millions of miles in diameter.  All of these amazing alignments are will happen on this data, and are what the ancient Mayans and many other civilizations around the planet have foretold in their calendars for many centuries.

The most fascinating part I find is that astronomers also discovered that our solar system will be passing through the core of a massive photon belt floating in the Milky Way, which we will be moving through for the next 2000 years!  This massive field of light energy is real, and they have photos to prove it.  Some say we are coming into the most dense core of the belt on this winter solstice and our planet will be reaching a “zero point” in our magnetic field which may cause some interesting effects.  Nobody knows yet what will occur, yet I believe all of this points to the one simple fact.  As we enter this photon belt and move through the great galactic alignment, we will all be experiencing a much higher vibration on the planet. This higher form of energy will cause people to experience a shift in consciousness and alter their perception of reality. It will be effecting people in a variety of ways, and possibly over time altering the DNA structure of every living thing on the planet.

As we experience life in this photon belt for the next 2000 years there will be a massive shift in consciousness to a higher dimension. Many say that this energy field will cause us to shift from the lower “3D consciousness” into a more enlightened 4D and 5D reality.  I believe this will cause humanity to move fully into the prophesied “Age of Aquarius” where everyone on Earth will become one unified harmonious world working together in peace.  I also feel that the manifesting power of your mind will increase exponentially, so whatever you believe, see and feel is real, is what you will create into your own world.  What an exciting time to be alive!!  Here’s my list of the most important things you can do to integrate the energetic shift we all will be experiencing:

1.  The very first thing you’ll want to do is restructure the foundation of your diet so that your body is not fighting to survive.  This means eating 70-80% raw fruits and vegetables and drinking 8 glasses of filtered water everyday.  Do a raw juice cleanse if you are really feeling stuck, and check out my favorite super green smoothie on that page!   Its best to follow the real food pyramid below which will bring your body and mind into its highest peak state of energy and health.

2. The next essential thing is to get plenty of rest, rejuvination and exercise.  You may feel depleted of energy as your body is absorbing these higher vibrational energies, as it learns an entire new way of relating to the world.  Go to bed early, stay away from the news, and take the time to relax, dive inside yourself, explore who and what you are, and look at what you really want to experience in this lifetime.

3. You’ll want to surround yourself with the most positive happy good vibe people that you know.  Whoever makes your heart sing each time you meet is someone you want to spend more time with as they will support you in remaining open to the highest energies available.  The higher vibrational people that you can hang out with, the easier your ascension journey will become.

4.   You will want to make time to sit, be still, totally silent and solitary everyday.  Spend 5 to 45 minutes every day in complete stillness and silence. Whenever you can, sit very very still, as if you were a statue made from one solid diamond.  Don’t move a muscle, keep your eyes relaxed, your shoulders and jaw relaxed, and just watch the breath as the body breathes for you.  The longer you can remain in a relaxed perfect stillness, the more crystal clear your mind will become and the easier it will be to remain at peace as the energies increase.

5. Make the commitment to devote your life to remain in TRUST, LOVE and SURRENDER to your HIGHEST SELF.  This practice will naturally help you ascend and open yourself up to experiencing the highest levels of joy and inner peace with effortless ease. You’ll notice when you’re not abiding by this formula when you start to experience intense suffering on your inner world.  Whenever some part of you is not living in trust, love or surrender its an opportunity to learn how to let go and let God handle the details.

6. Its essential to be extra gentle and kind with yourself and others during this time. Anything that may be violent in any way to yourself or another on a physical, mental or emotional level you’ll want to avoid.  Turn your attention towards the peaceful center of your innermost being.  That is what your meditation time of stillness is for, so make time to get really good at finding this place of peace inside you!  Its good to pray for guidance and healing as often as you can, especially when you feel challenged.  Ask for help!  Be sincere in your requests, asking from the heart for what you want and know that it is on its way to you.

As our planet adapts to higher vibrations, you may find yourself using your heart more and your head less.  As your consciousness increases you will be able to access more love, joy and peace than you ever knew was possible.  This soft warm healing feeling will be so comforting that you won’t be so inclined to spend soooo much time up in your head.  Your mind may also not work the same as before.  These photons effect us on the most subtle levels and could cause your memory to become sharper in some ways and completely incapable of doing other ordinary tasks.  Don’t worry about this!  Use this time to learn how to use your intuition instead and develop your 6th sense.  Trust your feelings and listen to your gut more than anyone else’s opinion.  Really tune into your higher guidance and listen to what is it telling you to do.

The great galactic alignment marks the birth of a completely new era for humankind.  By this time next year, there will be such a dramatic “light year” jump in consciousness that you’ll look back and wonder how you could be the same person.  I suggest you use this time to celebrate your life more, appreciate those you love more, find the greatest source of peace inside you, and devote your life to the spiritual exploration. This world is going to transform in the most beautiful ways as millions of people around the planet begin waking up.  Take this sacred time to discover what an extraordinary being you are, who is filled with that which is the most sacred and divine.


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