Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – You Have Eternal Life – 23December2012


Twelve Spirit

Tell us about karma in relation to what we have created in this life and previous lives.

In order to understand that which you call karma you must first understand that on a vibrational level all of it exists now; past, present, and future. From your nonphysical perspective there is no place or time you have not been. You have chosen the vibrational essence of your life experiences from a great pool of vibrational possibility, that you all have complete access to, before you enter into your physical life “contract” with the Universe.

When you cease to be this physical form that you are now, you leave in your wake a lot of experiences, events…creations…yet to be realized in physical form, though they are vibrationally complete from the get-go. And when you return to your Essential Self—the vibrational, nonphysical you, that both precedes and accompanies you though physical life—you deposit all of the accumulated potential experiences back into a sort of vault, a pool of shared essences awaiting to be rediscovered by you, or by one of your fellows, in some future life experience.

So here you are now in your nonphysical Form, your Greater Self. And you have this great pool of life experiences to look at, both your own and those of your spiritual companions. You see, you don’t do this alone: You never have. When you select your “next” life experience you may choose to take back some of your own, or you may choose to take back someone else’s, as your launching pad for your new creations.

But all they are is a launching pad, a starting place. And it’s not necessarily “your” karma. On a vibrational level—and that is the level at which you choose your life beginnings—there are no “others”; certainly not as you conceive of “others” in physical terms. You have access to all of it, the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the indifferent, the exciting, all of it to choose from.

The beauty of this is that the vibrational essences you carry forward into your next physical life form are just there as support material, groundwork, for what you will create next. You are not bound by it. You can de-energize it at any time by moving your full attention elsewhere—and you do. Or you can choose to live some of it out by keeping your attention upon it. You can call forth the vibrational essence of any “past” life into any of your present life experiences by invoking it: place your attention upon it and Source will become a vibrational match.

There are no challenges you “must” pass in this life; You are already Perfect. All the challenges before you, you have chosen through your attention at one time or another to include in your experience. Some deliberately…some by default. If there is some test you feel you must pass, you will get another crack at it as many lifetimes as you wish to engage that challenge. If your best buddy in the nonphysical hits or misses his, you may choose to do that next instead. There are no limits. There are no boundaries. You are infinite beings with unlimited lifetimes to live… ha, ha, ha!… or what part of eternal, infinite life don’t you understand?  As a physical being you just live it one slice at a time. All is well.



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