“The Interim” by Cosmic Awareness – 23December2012

new paradigm ahead

Denise Le Fay

Please listen to this December 22, 2012 channeled message from Cosmic Awareness through Will Berlinghof because it will help you, if needed, to better understand that all of these ”three days” (12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12) are profoundly important transitional Ascension Stair Steps. Download and listen to this message, this description about these “three days”, as it will help you understand that this too is an unfolding Process and that it didn’t all happen yesterday December 21, 2012, but is still unfolding today, tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night.

USE these “three days” and be in your High Heart; USE them to send your love, gratitude and thanks to those humans and animals (your beloved pets etc.) and/or locations, places  etc. that have given so much to you in this life and/or in other lives as well. And pay attention to your dreams during these “three days” (72 hours)  because there is a lot of non-physical meetings with old friends; greetings with loved ones who died years or decades ago etc. which is part of this Ascension Life Review transition we’re going through during these “three days” (72 hour period).

My deepest thanks and gratitude to Cosmic Awareness and Co. for these very important last few days channeled messages. ♥


Denise Le Fay

December 22, 2012

Copyright © Denise Le Fay and TRANSITIONS, 2012. Use or duplication of this material is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.


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