The Oracle Report – 24December2012

The Oracle Report

12/20/2012 Audio Update

Gibbous Moon Phase – Moon in Taurus

The big story today is Venus moving into opposition with the Black Moon (the Moon will hit that point again, re-triggering it, around 01:00 am EDT/ 6:00 am UTC on December 26th, keeping the theme extended).  So today something related to relationships happens and continues into the day after Christmas.  This will bring clarity and an associated feeling of peace or calm – if only momentarily.  Venus and the Black Moon are sisters.  They know each other well and they get along well.  Venus is the only energy that quiets the tumult of the Black Moon, but sometimes they come with drama.  The other effect of Venus and the Black Moon comes from clearly seeing the the cold truth of matters.  We are observing this  today- not necessarily acting on it.  Don’t feel pressured to make any big moves or decisions.  This day will go much better if you put yourself in the mindspace of flowing with events instead of dreading or directing them, depending on the circumstances you are in. 

Remember our mission is falling back in love with life.  We are in control of that.  Venus and the Black Moon bring beauty in the form of beautiful things to look at, beautiful acts, and beautiful words.  It’s a prized time for us to find beauty because it is all around if we look.


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