Jennifer Hoffman – Embrace Your Christed Consciousness – 25December2012


Enlightening Life

It’s Christmas this week, and aside from the gifts, gatherings, lights and festivities, this it is a time when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This year, with the timing of the Solstice, the end of the Mayan 4th calendar cycle and the ascension cycle we are completing, Christmas takes on a new meaning as we enter a new era of human consciousness and can fully embrace our Christed Consciousness.

We have seen this from a distances as the Christ consciousness, the ultimate level of which was embodied by the great teacher Jesus Christ during his time on the earth. Christ taught about self empowerment, our ability to have a direct Source connection, the principle of the human as being divine, and of our own power to create miracles, and often said when people were amazed at his abilities, ‘This you can do and more.’ Centuries of religious teachings de-personalized these lessons and led us to believe that we were powerless, unworthy, and not deserving of these abilities. Now everything has changed.

The birth of Jesus also brought forward the potential for us to align with our own Christed consciousness, to embrace ourselves as sparks of divine consciousness and to fully integrate the teaching of Christ into our humanity. This is not about trying to become like Christ, as in ‘what would Jesus do’. Rather, it is the integration of the aspects of our own Christed consciousness, as in ‘what would we do in our own lives with that level of spiritual awareness and confidence. Jesus was an example of this for us and it has taken several millenia for us arrive at the point where we could begin to acknowledge that we can access that level of being.

Christed consciousness is another level of energetic frequency, a completion of our ascension journey which involved progressing from being in-human to becoming a spiritual human. We embody our Christed Consciousness when we know ourselves as divine, powerful, worthy, deserving, and limitless beings. Alignment occurs when we effortlessly use our power as co-creators, acknowledge our connection to Source and to each other, and become one with the energetic flow that is the Universe. We are sovereign in our lives and on the planet and when we live, act, think and ‘be’ through our  Christed Consciousness, we can create a world where unconditional love rules and there is truly peace and goodwill for and with everyone.

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