Stressed Out? Good. Let It Catapult You – 25December2012

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By Sarah Starr
What do you do when things don’t go your way? You don’t get the call back for a job, your child gets sick right before the big trip, your mate doesn’t act the way you thought a relationship should be…
Do you go into frustration, hopelessness or try to figure out what’s wrong with you?
How about in your yoga practice? Can you let go of all expectations as you step onto the mat? Each day can be different and the needs of our bodies can fluctuate.
Rather than going into what you can’t do, how others are more flexible or your body isn’t the way you want, can you simply be with what is?
What if life isn’t supposed to be wonderful all the time?
Imagine as we move through life, we become a spacious container for everything, and in turn could allow everyone and everything to be as it is, including yourself.
We are not one-dimensional beings and wouldn’t we be boring if we were?
We spend most of our lifetime “becoming” when we can just embrace the fact that we’re already whole, and sticking a handstand or getting your foot behind your head doesn’t make you more or less.
As I tip over in yet another inversion, it’s not about being wrong or less than. Sure I may feel frustration, but in that moment I have a choice. I can allow the frustration to hold me back, justifying it with excuses such as, “I’m not flexible enough or strong enough” or I can feel it for what it is… just emotion showing up.
What if it the exact energy that is coming up can catapult you into choosing something new? Imagine you could use the energy of frustration or even envy as you witness a beautiful handstand? When we don’t need to define ourselves with any of it, we can start a new dialogue.
What would it take to feel more comfortable upside down? Is there a class or teacher I can connect with to create more ease in this posture?
Try these tips for flowing with what is on and off the mat…
Pause… take three deep belly breaths and be with what is.
Be present and encompass everything as it is occurring without judging it as right or wrong.
Ask questions! When you ask a question without conclusions, a space opens.“What choice do I have available that will create more ease, grace and possibility in this moment?”
Stress only occurs when we can’t be with what is. 
The key is to allow yourself to be right where you are in the moment, even if it looks like disappointment, fear or frustration.
It doesn’t mean you have to align with it, or make it right or wrong. It is only when we judge what is, we stick it to us.
As you allow it all to surface, you can open to new possibilities and release any “perceived” limitations, creating a new outcome beyond what you thought was possible.

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Published December 24, 2012 at 2:21 AM

About Sarah Starr

Since 2001, Sarah Starr, host of internationally syndicated “Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr”, has conducted classes such as “Power of Now” and “Breathing Peace” with thousands of people in national workshops and conferences. Her inspiring work has landed features in numerous local, national and international publications, radio and news segments. Sarah encourages her students to relax, breathe and smile, as they become the watchers of their thoughts, worries and distracting mind dialogue. “If you’re not having fun, you’re not BEing Yoga.”  For more information on upcoming workshops, events and Happy Yoga, visit Sarah’s website and
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