William Dean A. Garner – On Modern “Astrology”: It’s Current Application Is All Wrong – 26December2012

Celestiophysics governs all geophysical and biophysical events and actions and behaviors on Mother Earth.

The movement and position of each heavenly body and all its associated celestiophysical behavior determine the behavior of humans each and every moment of our lives. And this celestiophysical behavior begins not at birth but sometime during “conception,” when a sperm fuses with an egg and transfers/contributes its DNA to the corresponding unicellular body that will eventually become a human being.

During the first mechanical assembly of the unicellular body’s DNA, celestiophysics determines exactly how this organism will grow and mature and what path its life will take and how it will end.

We call this destiny.

Most folks do not like the idea of not being in control of their own future. I used to be one of those people until I realized that I had no control over it. The only thing I could do was go “off map” and thus off my path of destiny, or go back “on map” again, my true path of destiny.

Back to how that map of destiny is emplaced celestiophysically, using a simple example: the Universe uses celestiophysics to “zap” that single cell, with mother’s DNA and father’s DNA, with a special imprint determined by where the planets and sun and our moon are at that very moment and what their individual and collective celestiophysical behaviors are at the exact moment. It’s like getting hit by a bolt of lightning that somehow imprints a special map of destiny into your body.

So, if you subscribe to modern-day “astrology,” your birth month is not what determines your behavior on Mother Earth. Not by far.

You must either go back nine months to the moment of conception, or sometime around it, or ahead three months on the zodiac to determine your true astrological sign. Nine months back or three months ahead. It’s the same mathematically.

So, what do you do with this new astrological sign?

You then must identify and communicate with someone who understands ancient astrology to write out a detailed astrological chart for you. Ideally, this would be someone who understands celestiophysics, but I’ve yet to find any human who does.

The general behavior of each astrological sign, which can be found in well-established and respected astrologers’ books, may be accurate enough for you to determine your actual zodiac sign, i.e. the one nine months before you were actually born into this world.

For me, born on 26 November, I would normally be a Sagittarius. But with my current view of celestiophysics effecting its influence at some time during conception, I am actually a Pisces, the very first construction of my DNA occurring sometime on 26 February of the same birth year.

When I examine astrological charts created by respected astrologers who also understand how to do research in astrology, and not just spit out a chart via some computer program, the results more closely resemble who I really am and how I act and conduct my life. It’s eerie and uncanny.

As a half-baked control, I’ve also examined the other zodiac charts and have found they do not correspond to my behaviors and actions and overall personality like the charts for Pisces do.

Again, the results are eerie. . . .


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