William Dean A. Garner – On The Hidden Powers Of Human “Junk” DNA And Dormant Enzymes – 26December2012

William Dean A. Garner

So-called “junk” DNA is a fabrication of the Reptilian-Jesuits Axis.

There’s no such thing as  junk DNA in the human body. Every single gene within a strand of DNA is used for some higher purpose, i.e. to code for a specific protein, and most of these genes have been shut down by unknown enzymes at the direction of the Reptilian-Jesuits.

Humans also have dormant enzymes that turn on and off other enzymes and non-enzyme proteins within our cells. Some of these dormant enzymes have the power to repair damage by solar UV radiation. Plants have these enzymes and so do we. Ours, though, have been shuttered by genetic manipulation, ordered by the Reptilian-Jesuits, making us more vulnerable to a slow death at the hands of the very sun that gives us life.

We humans have more power than we realize and this power has been dormant in us for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.


The Reptilians have known about the power of the human body, mind and soul for thousands of years. When they teamed up with their latest minions, the Jesuits, nearly 500 years ago, this Axis continued the Reptilian’s long-standing practice of dumbing down the human race.

Makes one wonder: Why keep us humans around? And why water down our neurochemistry and general biochemistry to the level of a slave species when we humans could be so much more and contribute untold successes to the Universe?

I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying it: We The People are here for a reason. In the eyes of the Reptilian-Jesuits, it is to be their slaves.

I offer a new proposition: What if the Universe has plans for us, something far stronger and positive than anything the Reptilian-Jesuits could ever imagine? What if our current “masters” have no clue about We The People’s true purpose, because these evils ones are so blinded by their own deadlight? And what if We The People have these answers deep within each of us, lying dormant like our Universally powerful dormant genes?

My final question here is simple: What will it take for We The People to discover all these unknown gifts, and to implement their Universal powers?

Who Really Owns Your Gold: The Intended Global Meltdown of 2012-2014

William Dean A. Garner

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