4 Ways To Detox From The Inside Out – 27December2012

Mind Body Green

By Danielle Keenan
The end of the year is a time to focus on where we’ve been, and where we strive to go, whether it’s improving out diet, implementing a new workout plan, or perhaps making a career change. All of these resolutions may bring you more happiness and make your life feel more full, but consider some intrinsic ways to detox this year, and experience more happiness than any crash diet or juice detox will ever make you feel.
This year, try out some resolutions that will fill your life from the inside out:
1. Focus on needs vs. wants.
As a society, we tend to focus on material objects, hence buying and receiving gifts throughout the holidays. My father always told me, “You can only have so much stuff!”
I am now starting to realize how right my father was all these years, and have found myself needing and wanting less stuff. I started my New Year’s resolution early this year, and gave away bags and bags of clothing, shoes, and jewelry that I don’t really need. My life feels organized, light, and ready to take on the new year. Less is now more.
2. De-clutter your relationships.
Just as material things tend to build up in our lives, so do relationships that don’t serve us anymore. You may have individuals in your life that bring more negativity than inspiration, and are constantly trying to bring down your sunshine. It’s time to let go of those relationships and focus on nurturing the ties that help us to realize our full potential and continue to allow us to grow into thriving individuals.
3. Give more than you receive.
I’m not talking material objects when I say give, I’m talking about the non-material things that we provide for others. Give more love, honesty, and support in your relationships. In your career, be the team player instead of the competitive player. Do selfless gestures that others may not anticipate, without expecting anything in return. The return you will receive feels better than any material gift.
4. Have kindness and acceptance for your body.
Focus on nourishing your body with healthy foods as much as possible, and don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t eat perfectly every day. Integrate physical activity into your day, whether it’s walking the dog, taking a yoga class, or cleaning the house. Accept your body for the strengths that it has, and don’t dwell on your faults, it’s the only body you have, and deserves only the best treatment. Avoid extremes.
May you feel fulfilled, energetic, and surrounded by love in the coming year!

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Published December 27, 2012 at 8:27 AM

About Danielle Keenan
Danielle has a degree in Psychology, and a career in worksite wellness. She works with organizations to bring awareness and healthy habits into the worksite. She is passionate about educating and engaging others around proper nutrition, how to stay active, and remain stress-free for a balanced and productive work and home life. In her free time, she lives wellness through practicing yoga and pilates, walking and playing with her dog, and cooking yummy vegetarian/vegan recipes, which you can find on her blog Life, Love, and All Things Green. You can learn more about Danielle on her blog, or you can follow her on Facebook.


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