Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – A Shining Diamond – 27December2012


The Heaven Letters

God said:

You are My treasure. I turn you over in My hand every day. I look at you. I gaze at you, and I say: “Beautiful.” You may argue this for the sake of what? For the sake of argument? I am saying that you are a beautiful hard-at-work soul. Yes, you aspire to greater. Well, then, you shall have it. Keep looking up. Keep looking in My direction. Hold yourself up to Me so that I may see you face to face.

One day, one day soon, you shall recognize the Truth about you, the truth that you are a Shining Diamond, that you are My Shining Diamond. Every day I take you out and hold you up to the sun, and I breathe on you as you would on a pair of glasses. I have a cloth of love that I polish you with. I also polish you with My eyes. And every day I smile on you. Every day My bless-ed smile falls on you.

Meanwhile, you get frazzled. Meanwhile, you are discontent with the Shining Diamond of Myself that I hold in My hand that bears your name.

I gain inexpressible joy from the so-called you. I gain inexpressible joy from that which you look down upon or even scorn. You point out some little thing that you find unworthy in yourself, and you make it big. Begin now to adore what I adore. Begin now to value what I value. You are a simple seeking human being, and you are the Majesty of My Heart. Concede, beloveds. Concede to My love, and know that you are My Love, and that you are My Joy, and will you, too, please, be your own joy?

Who are you to underplay the wondrousness of you? You are a wonderful human being who faces the world every day. You get up and go out and you deal in the world, in the traffic, in all the possibilities. You are My hero, yes, you. You face a thousand deaths a day, and still you arise. Now, arise to Me. Get out of the caterwauling and ensconce yourself in your own heart as well. You are a Florence Nightingale of your own heart. Bless yourself and bless all the souls you cohabit with. Bless your own courage. Bless your own self. This is what it means to be true to yourself. Give yourself a hand up. Pull yourself up to Me and look Me in the eye and know Who you are. Raise yourself higher simply by reflecting yourself back to Me. Our vision becomes as One. Who is looking at Whom, beloveds? Look into the mirror of yourself, your True Self, that which the world may presently not see. But I see, and you can see, and so We are seen, and so We are beloved and We love. There is nothing to it.

Keep Me before you like a diamond you look through and so see the world. You are My Shining Diamond that I look at and through. Let Me be your Shining Diamond that you look at and through. See through My eyes, and how happy you will be. How happy you make Me. How happy I am to have you in My heart, and how happy I am to be in your heart. How happy We are to be One with each other. How happy We are. How happy We can be as We further the love you are made of and need only to be. This is My Truth I proclaim.



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