Sophia Love – The Ascension Of Understanding – 27December2012


Sophia Love

I trust the other because I trust myself.
Because I trust myself, I trust the other.

Distrusting the other,
I question my own decision to be

where I am,

sharing relational space,
thus distrusting myself.

The other represents an experience I chose,
a relationship I created,
and in doubting the integrity of my creation
I cannot help but doubt the integrity
of myself as the creator.

I trust I knew what I was doing
in the act of creating any given relationship.
I choose not to doubt it, holding an understanding
that choosing to embark on a creative journey
means choosing to be surprised,
and that choosing to enter into
the creative relational process with another
is the antithesis of drawing up a contract and codifying the specifics:
true creation inevitably moves into the unknown.

Were I only to have relationships within the sphere
of what I already know and understand
there would be no newness, no discovery,
no great learning.

It is by trusting the creative impulse
that moves me to enter
into unknown relational spaces
that I am able to stay calm
when the relationship travels
beyond my comfort zone.

By choosing to trust the people in my life,
(most especially when the territory of that relationship
becomes unfamiliar and the more fearful bits of me
begin to mutiny)
I choose to trust myself.

Link to blog: Ascending Spirals of Understanding :

We rest in varying levels of doubt as this pivotal year ends. I introduce this blog, Ascending Spirals of Understanding,  from our Aussie Angel who starts right off dealing with our ultimate dilemma, who can we trust. It is us. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


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