Onplanetliz’s Blog – Good Bye Age of Pisces… – 30December2012




I haven’t posted in a while. I think that I have been in the process of digesting a hell of a lot of information as I am sure many of you can also relate. Sometimes you have to just stop and chew and chew and swallow and digest all that food for thought!

AND so much of the information is contradictory as if we are reliving some kind of modern day ‘tower of Babel’ scenario where no one is actually understanding what anyone else is saying. This is certainly a good example of the transformational energy of Pluto presently acting through Earthy Capricorn.

The reality tunnel we have been living in just finished transforming in 2012 – now it is just a matter for us to recognize the change. Believe it or not, the majority of people will not – in the same way that they don’t notice the transformation that occurs on a daily basis between waking and sleeping. They glide seamlessly from one dream to another, believing that each dream is the one that has always been.

This is neither bad nor good – it is just in the nature of things. Few want to wake up – waking up is very difficult and extremely uncomfortable for a time.

I bring this up because Reality Tunnels are the province of the old Sea Goat – Capricornus. Capricorn is the sign that begins at the winter solstice. It is the CAP of the CORN – the John Barleycorn that must die and be reborn as the SUN does every December in the Northern Hemisphere. It takes 3 days of darkness or at appearing to stand still at its lowest point for the Sun to then show a definite sign of rising in the skies again (hence xmas on the 25th, 3 full days after the solstice).

I am sure anyone doing research would have come across this ’3 days of darkness’ scenario. Of course it is when the gates of hell open because the sun (light) is hardly there during the longest nights of the year. And please remember for all those who, like myself, were conditioned to be terrified of ‘HELL’ – hell is just unconscious, unprocessed, ignorant energy that has been locked up. The cure for anything in hell that has become ‘evil’ (living dead – LIVE backwards) is the light of consciousness.

And yes, hell is unpleasant but the more we resist it the more we give it energy. And we all do this because we just do not want to go through the highly distasteful process of bringing this emotional manure up to the surface and trans – forming it. And in case you are wondering why it has to be so unpleasant, well, you try spending all that time in the darkness being resisted and rejected and not come out howling with all your ignorance and pain. That locked up stuff is living energy – IT IS PART OF US!

msoEFE6BCapricorn is the sign that represents the combination of EARTH with ACTION. The planet Saturn which represents our intellect is the planet that ‘rules’ Capricorn. This means that we express Capricorn best through our intellectual capacity. Hence, the Sea Goat is the sign of organization, planning, ambition and response – ability. But it is with Saturn that we create a material experience. It is with Saturn that we measure what is real and not real – to us. And most importantly because Saturn works on an earthy level, the actions appear to have real solid consequences.

Now is a time for changing the form of the reality we have been constructing over the past 2, 600 years. Changing anything requires energy. Astrology teaches that there is a cornucopia of dark energy down in the Plutonic depths of Hades just ripe for the picking. In other words, if you want to ascend or rise above your present condition, the fuel you will need to do so is sitting in all that unprocessed manure we’ve been discussing.

A very good film that supports this kind of understanding is ‘What Dreams May Come’ with Robin Williams.

The fish tail on the Sea Goat was perhaps for this specific purpose; diving into the dark realms. Notice how Capricorn lost its tail in the 20th century. Before the goat can climb the mountain it must descend into hell – does this sound familiar? The myths are full of stories of gods and saviors descending into the underworld before they can complete their quest.

It is no coincidence that Saturn, Satan and Santa are similar and are key players in the birth of the Sun light or Son of Light. Remember Lucifer means light and he was also a son of God the father and the morning star. Saturn, also depicted as Father Time, is represented as an old man like Santa.

The sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them.Job 1:6
Again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them to present himself before the LORD. — Job 2:1
Saturn = ruler of the winter solstice, beginning of the goat sign Capricorn.  One of the oldest Scandinavian and Northern European and Christmas symbols is the YULE GOAT!
Santa = old man arriving December 25th with originally, 8 reindeer – 8 is the number of Saturn. Originating as the Dutch , Sinterklaus and his soot faced helper Black Pete (Saturn?) the mythology centers on the relationship between light and dark.
Satan = perhaps the Sun itself, Lucifer, the shining one, the morning star. And at the solstice Lucifer/Satan is spending most of his time in the dark. Hence ,it is a time to bring light into the dark and transform energy. Get those xmas lights out there into the dark! Lucifer also can be associated with Venus because Venus is called the morning star half the year but Venus is obviously not a star and mythology is not that precise. You can’t pin down symbols – they are energized forms always evolving.*
*All the heavenly bodies rose and then descended into darkness or where they could not be seen – into the UN conscious or world under the earth. Many characters were interchanged as the stories were told and passed down. There are no definitive definitions for fictional mythological characters that are thousands of years old. They are representatives of cosmic forces that have no permanent boundaries.
But the idea of Satan/Lucifer as the actual SUN ,materialized light or light fallen into a dense state and equating that with the fallen angel is very intriguing to me.

As the old reality constructs begin to disassemble themselves, communication between ourselves will become confused and belligerent. Obviously, if communication is made possible by links or established avenues and those links are temporarily severed and rerouted then we will go through a period of  jumbled communication with everyone talking and no one listening. But what is there to listen to? Tweets? One has to surf through mountains of unprocessed thinking to find any solid information based on experience gained authority.

Yet – this is also in the nature of these times we are going through. The new paradigm is not yet established. We are still creating it. And when I say ‘we’ I do not mean ourselves as egos or personalities. Only Spirit creates and only at the level of Spirit do we create. That is why when you are in the zone connected to your higher self it becomes obvious that you are creating your reality BUT when you try to control your reality from the level of the personal ego then at best it is only hit and miss.

The old Watery, Age of Pisces, reality constructs are being thrown in the cosmic tumble dryer. As they drain of water, reality will transform itself into something Aquarian – airy and less dense. Water represents experience, feelings and emotions. At its highest awareness, Water is awareness of the Universal Field. On the other hand, Air represents thought, thinking and form. Thought gives the Universal Field a form and forms. At its highest expression, the element of AIR connects us with the creator god in each of us. Think about it – everything begins as an idea or thought. Notice those two words carefully. I – DEA or I – DEO (god) and THOU – (god again) ght.

We are running headlong into a new world where through advances in technology we will indeed be obviously creating our realities. And they will be individual ones.  They always have been but we did not notice in the Pisces Age – we were too busy experiencing our creations rather than paying attention to the creating. But now, through the coming technology of virtual reality that will give birth to holo-decks for all, we will  consciously program a reality of our choice. Some folk are all ready doing this at a primitive level through cyber games like Sim City, Second Life and World of Warcraft.

Some folk, lacking imagination, may create dull games that will appear to be the same ‘ol same ‘ol. Others will create amazing realities, consciously and on purpose – it will appear to be the simplest thing to them.

While we are all plugged in playing games we will have robots taking care of the basics, like taking the very little trash out and pushing the button on the self-cleaning toilets. Of course all this will bring its own challenges and problems to overcome. Yet I like to think that this time the LIGHT will have the edge over the Dark and the games will be far more interesting than 500 ways to kill our opponents or elitist mobsters oppressing others to make themselves feel superior. Geez – we have done that storyline to death – I’ve thrown away the t-shirt.


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