The Oracle Report – 3-6January2013

Oracle Report

Third Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Libra/Scorpio

Mercury is still causing quite a stir, moving off of its square to Uranus and moving on to making a conjunction with Pluto through the weekend.  To some degree, Mercury affects our thinking.  When it contacts Pluto, our thoughts can go very deep because Pluto rules The Underworld.  In addition to being deep, The Underworld is also dark.  Over the last several days, the trend has been to beat up on ourselves or “go dark” as in pulling down a curtain.  The Third Quarter Moon phase enters this weekend to affect all of that.  In fact, it is here for us to analyze where we are now as “immigrants in a new country” as the Sabian symbol of the New Moon envisioned.

Over this weekend, while our thinking is already deep with Mercury conjunct Pluto, think back to all that has happened since December 13th.  Be analytical.  What happened this month?  Was it like the New Moon report discussed – a massive paradigm shift?  If the light changed on December 21, 2012 – if the Sun changed – wouldn’t we need time to adjust

This is happening specifically with our brains and our eyes, which are an extension of our brains; they are symbiotic.  We process light through our eyes and our brains read the information contained on the light.  We now have different light, which means a different code.  We are going to know (understand) more and are going to see (realize) more now.  We’re talking about nothing less than an evolutionary leap that’s underway.  That’s quite a statement to make.  But the Sun and Gaia-Sophia orchestrated, in perfect timing, a responsive action to the state of the world, the collective, the grand visionary experiment.  This is how the power and control mechanisms (archontic systems) that have been in place are going to begin crumbling.  This also makes them desperate.  Their own countermeasure is to begin instilling as much fear, sadness, hopelessness, and depression as possible into the mass consciousness.  We are tricked if we think they are not losing their power.  Gaia-Sophia has begun to deal with this situation and part of that plan involves changing humanity to suit her needs.  This is, indeed, a joyous fact.  Analyze this: what would it take for you to see that December 21st truly was a celebration?  At the Balsamic Moon phase, we’ll be releasing whatever stands in the way of that.


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