Sarah Biermann- 2013 Astrology: The Jupiter Yod


One of the things being discussed in the astrologic circles now is and alignment called the Finger of God or a Yod. It is when two or more planets are at 60 degrees apart from each other and there is a planet opposite them, at 150 degrees from the first two. It creates a narrow triangle (or finger) pointing at the opposite planet. I think of it like a Vogel cut crystal / healing crystal. The point receives an energetic push from the other end. The New Year Chart has the first “Jupiter Yod” with Saturn 60 degrees away from both Pluto and the Sun. And Jupiter is 150 degrees from them both. Jupiter is still retrograde, restraining and internalizing the energy. More about this later.

Image of the Astrological alignment called a Yod

Did you notice some pretty crazy intense stuff this week? On January 6th the Moon joined Saturn, and Mercury joined Pluto. All four pointed at Jupiter (still retrograde). That is big build up of pressure (that I have certainly felt). A lot of Shadowland (negative) thoughts (Mercury and Pluto) pushing for expansive release.  The other energy push was from Saturn (limitations, structure) and the Moon (emotions and the past). They are in Scorpio which is all about extreme emotional expression. A potent cocktail indeed!
While the intensity has eased up with the Moon and Mercury moving on, the basic Yod is still in place and more celestial bodies are coming into play.

Jupiter is in Gemini which as all about the mental, but is not a serious, deep thinker. Gemini is light and playful. So the intense, shadow thought and feelings that are coming at it are very uncomfortable.

There is a third Jupiter Yod coming. Venus is joining Pluto in Capricorn at the exact degree alignment with Jupiter on the 13th. The experience of an astrological alignment is more intense as a planet approaches the alignment than at the same distance away as it moves out of alignment. The major alignments (opposition, square, conjunction and trine, etc.) are considered to begin or end at about 6 degrees apart. For the Yod it is only 3 degrees, making the effect shorter. On January 10th Venus is 4 degrees from Pluto (approaching it) and the Moon is conjunct Pluto exactly. I expect it to be emotional, but with less of the mental chatter and heavy judgement we are experiencing now. The window of Venus influence is from about January 11th through the 15th. Connect with your Divine Feminine to help you to move the energies.

The Jupiter Yod influence will continue to be strong through about January 21st when Jupiter is 4 degrees away from the Yod alignment (moving away). However, since the Yod is in place on the chart for the whole year, you can expect this to be an ongoing theme.

What to do? There is always an option during the Yod influence to make a choice about how you are going to deal with the energies. Yods are challenging and have a feeling of destiny to them. The focal point of the Yod, Jupiter, is in Gemini, so you could say that this year we are destined to find a way to move and release the heavy Pluto and Saturn energies in a light and playful way. We are challenged to deal with intense, “negative” things without getting caught up in them or judging. The intention behind this process is freedom, a very Geminian theme. The thing to watch out for is Gemini’s potential to “laugh things off”, sometimes inappropriately. The challenge and opportunity is to find the balance of honoring and experiencing our deep, shadow emotions and thoughts without making them to significant and heavy or getting lost in them.

We are remembering that this is the Earth Game. (Gemini loves games.) What is real and what is not? We are able to finally see things as being only limiting beliefs, that we can simply choose to not believe anymore. I think that after Jupiter goes direct on January 30th we will be able to manifest our newly found freedom in the physical reality in a way that has never happened before.

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