Wes Annac – A Point Of Understanding – 14January2013


Wes Annac

And so, the lesson-learning continues and the realizations begin to grow and grow. While this morning I thought it would be pertinent to take a break a focus for a few days on my inner-development, as I write this on the evening of Sunday the 21st I realize that my spiritual work has long merged with my inner-work, my perception of our inner-realms and as well, with the wholeness I have been feeling as of late.

I’ve been learning wonderful things from the Pleiadians; from the Ascended Masters and the Hathors; from a whole host of ascended souls who speak through me or through others for the entire awakening public to benefit from and as I have expressed before, I absolutely Love every facet of this work and this movement that I’m honored and delighted to be a part of and contribute to.

I’m realizing the satisfaction I feel knowing I’m able to help others along their ascension processes and I’m realizing as well that there are aspects of my Life that I’ve attempted to turn away from; such as my need to find personal restoration and balance before jumping to help others.

I recognize that there are plenty of other spiritual writers, channelers etc. for you dear readers to benefit from if I ever need a moment to “bow-out” and reintegrate but at the same time, my perceived need to take breaks only lasts for a small time before I’m propelled even further into the desire to perform this wonderful work.

I think what I’m realizing, is that I can begin to enjoy a personal fulfillment in my outer reality that will reflect the happiness and wholeness I’ve increasingly felt within, while still working and doing all that I can to assist as many awakening souls as possible in finding the clarity that the messages through me are intended to give.

This work helps me to know that I’m a part of something truly wonderful and at the same time, it is not solely necessary for me to attain wholeness in myself. It is however, a very big part of it.

I also have to say that whenever we can realize everything’s all good and that there is truly nothing to worry about or feel apprehensive about, our perspectives will lighten instantly and we will discover an entire new world of positivity and Light, beckoning us to come forth.

As I reach my personal realizations, the recurring feeling of bliss and wholeness settles in and I feel that no matter the negativity I could encounter later on in my travels because of the specifics of my role, it is all fleeting and the wonderful vibrations I am beginning to feel as well as the happiness that comes with them, will truly be with me from here on out. That alone is just so wonderful to acknowledge.

I find myself now, more excited than ever to be a part of this movement and to contribute absolutely everything I can in the fleeting time we’re all being given to do so, because we can only go through this ascension and make our respective higher dimensional marks once, so we better make them count.

I know that personally, I’m ready to throw myself into this movement more than I ever have and as I have already been, I know that my work combined with my personal inner-searching and garnering of wholeness in my everyday Life despite the negativity that could creep up or manifest, will reward me and us all with the higher dimensional wonders that we only slightly remember at this point.

I know that there are some people who don’t believe in the Galactics, or could have even lost faith if they perceived nothing having happened during the hyped and prophesized date. I recognize and respect that wholeheartedly.

I recognize as well, however, by examining my own experiences and reading the fruitful reports that have been given by others surrounding December 21st, that those of us who have kept the faith and felt the amazing benefits that the 21st as well as this current time continue to offer us, are stepping into a heightened phase of our ascension processes and as I and many others have been able to, we will begin perceiving of wonderful higher dimensional miracles and etheric landscapes.

Of course, I have long been solidified in my faith and the belief that the movement I am contributing to and the enlightened sources, be them Galactic or Angelic or anything else in nature, are genuinely assisting us through the limits and veils they are allowed to; the most obvious veils being time and the freewill distortion that has allowed humanity to keep feeding the density still keeping the collective vibrations too low for the presence of the Galactics to harmoniously comingle with them and thus, keeping them away from us.

I know that what I am doing is real; if nothing else, than because of the endless validations I’ve personally been given (especially since the 21st) and I will continue to reaffirm my commitment to this work and my desire to contribute.

You readers can perhaps disregard my previous post of this morning about taking a break, and don’t worry – I won’t continue to run you all through the ringer about breaks and breaks from breaks. That bit of an annoyance has been a catalytic aspect of my personal process; an aspect that I believe is now coming to a close.

I’m going to continue to happily feel and express these vibrations and as I further embrace the heightened role I can feel emerging for myself already, the personal wholeness will only grow and my experience will become increasingly higher dimensional. In short; this experience simply could not be better!

Wes Annac – Feeling and wishing for you all to feel, a bliss and understanding that is uncompromised and unparalleled.


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