2012TheBigPicture – Sacred Geometry For Personal Ascension – 15January2013

2012 The Big Picture

Divine AwakeningHere’s an interesting protocol courtesy of the Arcturians (from Arcturus) for actively improving our life through the use of symbols and meditations / affirmations.

Arcturian Geometry

We are Arcturians of 6th dimensional consciousness.  We relay to you the meaning and awareness that these graphic symbols can provoke in the viewers being.  Each is coded with a particular pattern that aligns with a specific frequency that is encoded in the potential of each human being.

By viewing these images, and reciting the intention meditation, one may activatethese frequencies within oneself.  These images can be used as tools to awaken the whole self to a higher level of consciousness or inspire ascension to a more aware state of being.  All aspects of the image; color, shapes, sizes of shapes and the positioning and number of each shape in the whole image has meaning to the matrix of Earth, and the human being within its sphere.

Not everything works for everyone, so try it on for size and see what happens! Belief is the most important ingredient in manifesting anything—physical or otherwise; that and persistence!

I have to say though, the images are spectacular! Some remind me of crop circles I’ve seen—and I understand the Arcturians created them.

For example:

Clicking on an image will open it with a black background, then you can use zoom (Ctrl + mousewheel)

The following images were created by John Paul Polk with Arcturian messages and meditations channeled by Jill Mara


This particular one is for Manifestation, however there are 27 different ones, and you can see them all at the link below.

Love and Light.




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